New Catherine: Full Body Trailer Reveals Persona 5 Crossover

Catherine Full Body art

The 2011 horror puzzle game Catherine may not be for everyone, but those who like it tend to really like it. Persona 5 on the other hand, also made by Atlus, may appeal to a wider demographic due to its more traditional JRPG format and storytelling. It makes sense then that Atlus seems to be calling on the widespread success of Persona 5 to attract attention to the lesser-known Catherine.

In a recently-revealed trailer for Catherine: Full Body, Atlus revealed a number of substantial additions to be included in the re-release of 2011's Catherine. Among them are the addition of a new female character and potential love-interest, gameplay tweaks, and new cutscenes and animations. Perhaps most notably though is the addition of Persona 5's Joker as a playable DLC character.

Players will be able to choose Joker in the Babel and Colosseum game modes, in which players will progress through the game's climbing puzzles while Persona 5's Phantom Thieves provide commentary. While this may seem an unusual way to implement a crossover between Persona 5 and Catherine, remember that Atlus is sort-of known for its quirkiness and that Catherine is one of the studio's most bizarre ventures.

Catherine new character

While Catherine stands on its own as a game worth playing, the addition of Joker and the Phantom Thieves could prove a satisfying holdover for Persona fans waiting for the series' next installment. Unfortunately, it may be a while before another Persona game is released outside Japan.

Atlus has said that it is "planning" for Persona 6, however little else has been revealed regarding the potential successor to P5. Persona Q2, part of a mobile spin-off series, is releasing exclusively in Japan later this year on the 3DS. Its performance in Japan will likely determine whether it will see a worldwide release.

Earlier this year, the Persona franchise saw the release of two side-by-side dancing games. The bizarre Japanese-exclusive spin-off series has yet to be confirmed for worldwide release, and it's uncertain whether it ever will. Persona Q2 is more likely to leave Japan because its predecessor, Persona Q, was released in other countries including the US.

Catherine: Full Body is releasing early next year in Japan and does not have an official release date outside of Japan.

Source: Gematsu

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