There’s less than a week before the mind-bending puzzle platformer that is Catherine tries to sweep gamers off their feet and into the inner workings of guilt, adultery, and block-hopping. If you haven’t had the chance to check out the demo on either the Xbox 360 or PSN, now would be a good time before the game hits store shelves.

Though if there’s still a bit of “lingering” doubt as to what’s really going on with a title like Catherine (and really, it’s quite alright with past trailers to lead the way) Atlus was kind enough to send over one final trailer, depicting some of the more robust puzzle action in the game. Seeing as how the game as been praised for its innovative story and gameplay, Atlus thought it would be best to show gamers some of that action head-on, to make sure they knew what they were in for.

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While it may take a second to figure out what exactly was just on the screen, the trailer shows off some of the more intricate puzzles in the game. Knowing that Catherine centers on a man’s cheating ways, the puzzle porting of the title gives him a chance to both redeem himself internally, and make it through to the next morning.

These challenges get progressively more challenging as the game goes on, yet if players need a time-out, or want to get a little more practice in, they can join in multiplayer and match up against friends to try and win trophies (or portions of that soundtrack, like that killer track that was playing in the background).

Have you been keeping an eye Catherine’s blend of block-hopping and cinematics? Do you think the game will be successful outside Japan?

Catherine is set to release next Tuesday, July 26th, for the Xbox 360 and PS3. Game Rant’s review will be up in all of its readable glory this Friday. And if you like what you saw, there’s always the demo to keep you warm until the game’s released.

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