Mike Morhaime announced that World of Warcraft: Cataclysm is still on track for a 2010 release date.  So what do you need to do to prepare for the Cataclysm?

The World of Warcraft will be forever changed when the Cataclysm comes, things we took for granted may soon be gone.  Our favorite places forever changed or destroyed, quests and items gone, beloved characters killed.  Regardless of whether you buy the expansion or not, Azeroth will be changed – so now is the time to do and see all the things from the old world you can – before they are gone forever.

*Spoiler Alert – skip the quote below if you do not want to see any Cataclysm spoilers*

“Cities like Stormwind and Orgrimmar are being overhauled, and the Forsaken are on the move, Dungeons are changing, Thousand Needles and Taniris are going to be flooded, and a giant fissure will break up the Barrens.  These are just some of the anticipated changes – removing quests, items, and making some achievements impossible to get.”


So, what should you do before the Cataclysm?

Here are my top 10 things that all players should do before the Cataclysm comes:

1. Complete the achievements Classic Dungeonmaster and Classic Raider.

With dungeons being overhauled, or disappearing completely, now is the perfect time to go back to the old world instances to get the achievements Classic Dungonmaster and Classic Raider. What is needed to complete these achievements is quite simple – run all the old world dungeons and raids – that’s it! Any level 80 character can very easily solo, duo, or quickly run with a small guild group all of the classic dungeons or raids, so there is no reason not to do it. Don’t miss out seeing the beautiful outdoor instance that is Zul’Gurub, or the depths of Molten Core. Not to mention just getting the achievements themselves. It is  time to slay all the old world bosses – before they are gone.

Battle for Undercity

2. The Battle for Undercity

In Dragonblight, there are a series of quests that lead up to the Wrathgate cinematic – which includes The Battle for Undercity. This quest line has been considered by some the most epic quest line in the game, however, come Cataclysm, the Battle for Undercity may no longer be a part of it, so you need to get this done while you can. This portion of the story is the heart of this quest line and it immerses you in a pivotal part of the plot, where you find your self right in the middle of  incredible events – and it really is something that shouldn’t be missed.  So if you haven’t done it yet – head out to Dragonblight and get started right away. Experience this epic story for yourself.

3. Explorer and/or Loremaster

Exploring the old world in its entirety is something that everyone really should do, but very few have. There are hidden nooks, corners, and sites that are there solely for beauty, and your enjoyment.  With things like hidden statues, structures, landmarks, and even some memorials, it would be a real shame if you missed them. Well, Explorer will help you see all there is to see and get a pretty cool achievement at the same time. Just explore all of the map – and not only will you see all the amazing sites Azeroth has to offer, but you get a great achievement and title (with a little work in Outlands and Northrend).

Loremaster is significantly more daunting – but that much more rewarding if you manage to achieve it. Loremaster requires you to complete basically every quest in the game (not unlike Seeker which asks you to complete 3000 quests). If that sounds impossible, it’s not – though it may seem like it.  The Horde have to complete 2,705, and the Alliance have to complete 2,843 to get the Loremaster title, however that does include Outlands and Northrend (like explorer). And as insurmountable as this task seems, it is a fantastic way to explore the old world.

These 2 achievements are often done in tandem as they work so well together

It is highly suspected come Cataclysm, that both of these achievements will disappear, change, or be replaced – leaving those who have completed it with a badge of honour, and special title. Those who haven’t completed them may wish that had.


4. Collect Those Rare Pets and Mounts

The fate of our beloved mounts and mini-pets is uncertain when it comes to the expansion. Will the vendors, quests, achievements, NPC’s, or whatever else is required to get all of those rare mounts and pets still be available? We don’t know. Many speculate that at least a few will be gone forever, so if there are any pets/mounts that you have been craving, or thinking about getting for yourself – it’s time. Think how much more impressive your Zulian Tiger or Worg Pup will look in a few months.

5. Clean Up Your Bank, Mats, and Guild Bank

Everyone’s bank (and Guild Bank) seems to fill up with junk items we collect while playing. We stockpile materials and things we might need through the game, but likely never will use.  If there is one thing that previous expansions have taught us – the really expensive stuff becomes cheap overnight. Those coveted Primordial Saronite bars will no longer be used.  Abyss Crystals, who need them. So, if you want to make some money before the Cataclysm: sell those mats!

There is one exception to the rule of mat selling to be aware of, low level mats. You want to keep as many of those on hand, ether for your new Goblin or Worgen’s trade skills, or to sell them for a ridiculously inflated price to someone else for their new character. A lot of money can be made if you time it right and, if you do it properly, you can come out thousands of gold ahead.

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