The highly-anticipated Castlevania TV series has finally premiered on Netflix, and reception to the four-episode animated adaptation has been so positive that the streaming giant has ordered a second season within hours of the show hitting the (online) airwaves.

Having captured Castlevania fans’ attention with a short and succinct first season, which adapts the critically-acclaimed 1989 entry Castlevania 3: Dracula’s Curse into four 23-25 minute episodes, Netflix plans on doubling up on the darkness for season two with an eight-episode order. As for when fans can expect the return of the hit TV series, a 2018 launch is planned though no specific date has been set just yet, likely due to the production time required for the increased episode order.

But with an enviable line-up of writers and producers that include Warren Ellis and Fred Seibert, as well as a well-rounded voice cast, there’s no doubt that fans won’t mind waiting just a bit longer for the return of Castlevania.

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The renewed interest in Castlevania thanks to this new Netflix series is sure to ignite discussions regarding a new Castlevania game, the last of which was released back in 2014. While Konami has yet to announce anything related to a new game, the company has stated that “internal discussions” are underway in regards to the future of the franchise, especially with the prospect of developing a new title for the recently-released Nintendo Switch.

With one successful video game TV adaptation under his belt, Castlevania producer Adi Shankar will be looking to make it two out of two with his upcoming Assassin’s Creed anime series. Shankar recently announced the project on Facebook, where he revealed the upcoming TV series will be telling an original story as opposed to adapting any existing storylines from the games or movie. It’s still early days yet for this Assassin’s Creed anime series so it remains to be seen how well-received it will be, but fans should not need to worry too much based on Shankar’s work on Castlevania.

Given the positive fan reception to Castlevania and upcoming Assassin’s Creed anime series coming soon from the same producer, it’s quite wonderful to see video games being given adaptations by people who understand the properties. If the buzz to the recent fan-made Overwatch Netflix trailer is anything to go by, perhaps Blizzard may consider making a TV adaptation of its super-popular multiplayer shooter at some point.

Castlevania is now available for streaming on Netflix.

Source: Deadline