Konami Producer Teases 'Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2' Is on the Way

Konami Producer Teases Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2

Despite a few missteps, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow can largely be considered a move in the right direction for the 3D segment of the Dracula-slaying franchise. It didn’t click the way Konami hoped, but it also didn’t feel like a complete failure.

With that in mind, it appears that Konami is willing to give the Lords of Shadow formula another chance, or at least that’s the way the game’s producer is making it seem.

On Twitter, Producer David Cox has been constantly championing positive Lords of Shadow news articles, each with a little side comment about why he enjoys them. But just recently Cox tweeted an article he felt didn’t deserve comment, or rather was something he couldn’t yet comment on.

That article in question had to do with Lords of Shadow 2, which was rumored to be in development, as being one of the 24 games that will redefine gaming in 2012. While we can’t speak to the redefinition of gaming point, it’s important to note that Cox isn’t denying a sequel’s existence.

Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 Tease

Though the reimagining of the popular Castlevania franchise in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow wasn’t exactly as well received as Konami would have liked, there is still the belief that this formula can work. Yes, the hack-and-slash style of gameplay leaves behind a lot of what made the 2D Castlevania games great, but Lords of Shadow certainly had its moments.

And if Konami is given another crack at this 3D Castlevania series, (whether or not it is called Lords of Shadow 2 is irrelevant) one would hope that many of those issues in Lords of Shadow would be ironed out. It’s always a brave leap when a developer moves a property from 2D to full 3DCastlevania has already tried that transition once before — and hopefully Konami can at least preserve the legacy of Castlevania when all is said and done. And, if we get another take on the series that is just as enjoyable as the side scrolling, then that’s another win.

Would you be interested in playing another Castlevania: Lords of Shadow? Did you like the new direction this entry in the franchise took?

Source: David Cox

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