Pink Knight Coming to 'Castle Crashers,' Proceeds Go to Breast Cancer Research

Pink Knight Coming to Castle Crashers and All Profits go Towards Breast Cancer Research

The Pink Knight has been a Behemoth legend for quite some time, and that's why fans who have been requesting the character for so long will be happy to know that their dreams are finally coming true — Pink Knight will be playable in Castle Crashers.

The Pink Knight made his debut in a flash game called 'Castle Crashing the Beard' and even made a surprise appearance in Super Meat Boy on XBLA. Since his appearance, he has become one of the most requested characters to join in on the castle crashing. The Pink Knight may have been exclusive to an XBLA game that will never be coming to any other home console, but for the time being P-Knight will only be available for download in the PlayStation 3 version of Castle Crashers.

The DLC, appropriately titled the Pink Knight Pack, not only features the heavily sought after Pink Knight, but some brand new weapons as well. Players will have access to five brand new weapons, including a delicious giant lollipop that can deliver devastating blows to opponents. There's no word on what the other four weapons may be, but rest assured that they will likely follow the same motif as both the character and lollipop.

The Pink Knight can be seen in all of his heavenly glory below.

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Some may think that this latest Castle Crashers DLC seems to be releasing in the perfect month, considering that Valentine's Day is also in February. That's certainly logical and correct, but there is another reason the peeps behind Castle Crashers are releasing this new add-on, and that is to raise money for Breast Cancer. Every single penny that is made off of the download goes straight to "charities devoted to Breast Cancer Research."

Xbox 360 users shouldn't be too distraught by this PSN only download, because The Behemoth has assured fans that they are "working hard on a title update for XBLA that will feature the Pink Knight as a playable character as well." Whether or not this update will be free or not is still up in the air, but odds are Xbox gamers will be shelling out $2 worth of Microsoft points to get their hands on the Pink Knight.

The Pink Knight Pack for Castle Crashers will be a timed exclusive on PSN starting February 8, 2011, and will run gamers a measly $2, with all proceeds going to Breast Cancer Research.

Sources: The Behemoth, PlayStation Blog

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