Behemoth Celebrates 2 Million 'Castle Crasher' XBLA Users with Tournament Contest

Behemoth Celebrates 2 Millioni

Behemoth's Castle Crashers has crossed the 2 million users mark on XBLA. This success comes as no surprise, as Game Rant reported that Castle Crashers was #2 on Major Nelson's ratings for XBLA in 2009.

Behemoth has thought of no better way to award prizes for fans of such pilfering action than a tournament to test their mights.

With castle treasure being the official game currency, it seems befitting to trick out an Xbox 360 with 24k gold. The tournament winner will also get a 24k-gold controller, giving someone TWO things that should never be used for actual gaming.

The rules of the tournament have been highlighted below from Behemoth's blog:

"To be eligible for the tournament, you have to be in the top 100 Weekly Ranked Arena players on the Castle Crashers leaderboards at noon (PST) on January 28th. You will have all that week to battle amongst yourselves to claim those spots.  The top 100 will compete in 1 on 1 Arena matches, in a single elimination tournament format on Saturday February 5th."

Behemoth says to stay tuned to its special page for full contest rules.

While the blog states earlier that the tournament is for XBLA users only, it'll be interesting to see the developers announce it in some official rules -subsequently alienating PSN fans. Game Rant reported about the PSN release back in August 2010, which means PSN users had much less time to build up their fan base.

I must say that 2 million users is huge for an indie XBLA game that principally involves beating things up to get coins and/or level up. I guess it  worked for World of Warcarft, right?

Castle Crashers PS3

Seriously, Castle Crashers rocks. This game, which screams homage to Sega Saturn title Guardian Heroes, is pure button-mashing fun.

Regarding the golden prize for the best button masher, Behemoth believes the 24k 360 will be the perfect social piece to host rounds of BattleBlock Theater. Hopefully, this is a hint at an approaching release date or announcement. I'm all for getting as giddy as these Tokyo Game Show gamers did playing Battlerock Theater last year. I smell a PAX EAST 2011 entrant.

Either way, XBLA users should visit their virtual blacksmiths and increase their arena ranks on Castle Crashers by January 28th to compete for the most pimped out 360, yet. Be forewarned, golden rings of death allegedly not included.

Source: Behemoth blog

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