Another Casting Call Hints at 'Grand Theft Auto 5'

Another Casting Call Hints at GTA 5

It appears as if another piece of casting related material is pointing to the existence of Grand Theft Auto V. According to the casting call there are several characters for which voice actors are needed, some that sound like they are ripped straight from the GTA lore and one that actually has some ties to the series.

Posted by Take Two Interactive, the assumed publisher of Grand Theft Auto V, the casting call is relatively slim on details — not even stating that it is for a video game — but it’s in the character descriptions where the really meaty information can be found.

Among the list of characters that the actors will have the opportunity to read for are a “white creepy man who thinks that technology is a poison” and a “young female obsessed with sex parties” — descriptions that point towards a very tongue-in-cheek project. Of course, many video game titles, Saint's Row 3 for example, feature similarly outlandish characters.

Without any confirmation from Take Two, the project remains a mystery, until one reads the character description for James Pedeaston, a man-boy love activist just released from an Indonesian prison. It’s James Pedeaston’s inclusion in the casting call that is leading some to believe the project is in fact Grand Theft Auto related.

While only recognizable to those Grand Theft Auto IV players who visited his outside-the-game website, Pedeaston was a character who was requesting donations in order to get out of prison in Indonesia. His story wasn’t integral to Niko Bellic’s; he was simply one of the many touches Rockstar added to the game to create a believable world.

Combined with the previous, and more substantial, casting call for Grand Theft Auto V, it seems like Rockstar and Take Two are perhaps trying to put together the final pieces of a teaser trailer for the game. As this casting call ends at the end of April, it could be surmised that perhaps Take Two is almost ready to announce the title.

However, until the time comes when Take Two officially unveils Grand Theft Auto V, we are filing this casting call under the rumor category, but we really hope a new Grand Theft Auto is in development.

When do you think Take Two will unveil the project for which this casting call was put out? Do you believe that it is Grand Theft Auto V?

Source: Actors Pages (via Revolt Tech)

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