Cards Against Humanity's Black Friday Stunt is a Major Troll


Cards Against Humanity reveals its annual Black Friday shenanigans, this time asking fans to donate money for no reason other than to dig a hole in the ground.

Long-time fans of Cards Against Humanity are familiar with the creators of the lewd card game coming up with some ridiculous ideas during the holiday shopping season. This year's, however, might top all the rest, with the developers digging a hole based on monetary donations.

The development team behind Cards Against Humanity is digging a 'Holiday Hole' for Black Friday, with the time spent digging based on how much money is donated to the cause. At the time of this writing, fans have already donated over $48,000, and Cards Against Humanity is promising at least 34 more hours of hole digging. A single dollar currently adds just 1.4 seconds to the time spent digging, but the donations are continuing to come in. The whole project is even being livestreamed on the internet via YouTube, which can be seen below.

According to the donation page's FAQ, the digging has nothing to do with charity. It claims that money donated by viewers won't be re-donated to a worthy cause, nor is there any deeper meaning to digging a hole on the biggest shopping day of the year. Some viewers have their doubts, believing that the Cards Against Humanity team will do the right thing, although others have been outspoken in concerns at how willingly people are donating money to a seemingly worthless cause.

cards against humanity hole black friday

Cards Against Humanity is best known for its risque and oftentimes offensive humor, so it's no surprise that the development team is outspoken regarding its distaste for Black Friday. Starting back in 2013, the developer has made an effort to parody the holiday, starting by raising the price of the game by $5 in an "anti-sale." It's sought to up the ante each year, offering a box of sanitized bull feces in 2014, selling 30,000 boxes in the process. Last year, the development team asked its fans to donate $5 for absolutely nothing, and the team ended up collecting over $70,000. That money was eventually divided and donated to worthy causes.

With absolutely no promise of the money going towards anything worthwhile, some are evidently willing to throw money away on a grandiose stunt. Depending on the fervor of its fans, this dig could potentially continue for multiple days, and it could potentially raise enough money to rival some of the best charity livestream gaming events despite a lack of charitable cause. One can only imagine what Cards Against Humanity will do for Black Friday next year, but the team will have to work hard in order to top this year's stunt.

Source: Cards Against Humanity

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