New Gaming Peripheral is Like Power Glove 2.0

Power Glove-esque Peripheral CaptoGlove

While very few look on the original fondly, a new Power Glove-esque controller for virtual and alternate reality has been funded via Kickstarter. The CaptoGlove is a motion control input device that allows users to perform basic digital actions with small gestures like waving, rolling a hand, or mimicking pulling a trigger.

CaptoGlove is currently running a Kickstarter campaign which has already passed its goal of $50,000. Less than a day remains in the campaign, however, so any prospective supporters best check out the CaptoGlove now.

The concept for the CaptoGlove was originally born from a challenging situation. CaptoGlove's founder's father suffered a stroke and was struggling with movement afterwards. The original CaptoGlove was connected to a PC in order to track movements and better quantify recovery. Since then it has evolved tremendously, especially with the modern boom of virtual and augmented reality devices. Though its potential as a tool for accessibility remains potent.

It's important to point out, though, that CaptoGlove is a motion controller, not a hand tracker. Virtual reality controllers like the Oculus Touch and the Vive wands require cameras to track the controllers' movements through 3D space, but CapGlove only tracks its own movements via assorted sensors.

In essence, the device is more like a hand-shaped Wii remote or Switch JoyCon, in that sense. That said, because its sensors are designed to track movement, it can work intelligently for 3D games where players move about a space. It's just emulated, rather than 1:1.

The creators say that the CaptoGlove offers 10 degrees of freedom, which means that, utilizing a triple-axis gyro, accelerometer, and magnetometer, the controller senses pitch, yaw, roll, and the altitude of the player's hand. In addition to that, there are five finger sensors intended to measure bend with a resolution of less than 1 degree.

The Kickstarter also has a stretch goal which would add a pressure sensitive thumb sensor, though that appears out of reach as the campaign is about to end. Nevertheless, the CaptoGlove appears to be a clever and useful option for hand-based digital controls.

The CaptoGlove is currently available to support via Kickstarter with a single glove currently costing $170. Delivery of the glove is estimated for June later this year.

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