'Captain America: Super Soldier' Trailer Debuts

Captain America: Super Soldier

The first trailer for Captain America: Super Soldier has been released, giving gamers some of the first glimpses into the gameplay and graphics of the tie-in to the 2011 Captain America: The First Avenger movie. Next Level Games and Sega hope to give players a enjoyable and captivating experience by capturing what it means to be Sentinel of Liberty.

Huge action set pieces, fighting sequences, including wall scaling and maneuvering (similar to that seen in Prince of Persia games) are seen throughout. The game is set during World War II as Steve Rogers becomes the first "super-soldier" created. The stronger and faster Rogers is tasked with crushing his nemesis Red Skull and his army by any means necessary.

We have seen Captain America in other games, such as the Marvel Ultimate Alliance and Marvel vs. Capcom franchises but this will be the first solo mission for Captain Steve Rogers as Next Level Games and Sega try to deliver on an adventure that will be worth the time of fans & gamers.


Since the Captain America video game was announced, many have speculated on whether or not it will be any good, with the common thought being that it won't be. Many have bad memories from Sega's attempts at recreating the Iron Man movie experience through movie tie-ins (twice!) and with The Incredible Hulk. The usual stigma attached to movie tie-in games and the high bar set by superhero games like Batman: Arkham Asylum are both working against Sega.

Captain America shows off some of his free flowing, acrobatic combat against the soldiers from Red Skull's army and Hydra forces. When he is not breaking apart the faces of henchmen, he is utilizing his super agility to leap around the castle-like fortress and get the drop on his enemies. Screen captures and concept art are one thing but its seeing the game in action is another story. The game looks interesting and I am cautiously optimistic about it. Unfortunately, it is a trailer's job to get people excited about a product before it actually hits stores. As more information unfolds, we will see how this game will come together and if it will succeed or fail to present an exciting and engaging experience as the star-spangled hero.

Captain America: Super Soldier will be released in 2011 on PS3, PC, and Xbox 360.

Source: IGN

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