Captain America: Super Soldier' Trailer & Screens Feat. Chris Evans

Chris Evans Signs On For Captain America Super Soldier

There might be a futuristic super soldier with fancy technology and weapons in the form of the Crysis 2 protagonist codenamed Alcatraz, but there had to be an origin behind the super soldier idea and it started with Captain America, who you will get to play in the upcoming SEGA title, Captain America: Super Soldier.

Anyone and everyone who plays games knew that with Marvel making big budget summer blockbuster movies for Thor and Captain America that there would soon follow news of the obligatory movie tie-in games. We were there when the Captain America game became official last fall at New York Comic-Con and had a chance to play the earliest available build and were pleasantly surprised with the work Sega had done so far.

SEGA has signed Chris Evans, who will star in the Captain America film (coming this summer), to lend his voice to the character on consoles, as well as the big screen. SEGA's VP of Marketing, Gary Knight comments on having Evans on board for the game:

"Signing Chris to star in Captain America: Super Soldier delivers the cinematic quality and emotional drive that fans expect."

Check out some these latest Captain America: Super Soldier screens and a trailer showing some of the gameplay to be expected.


Captain America looks like it plays solidly from the trailer, although most SEGA developed movie games have left gamers with a slight feeling of underwhelming disappointment, especially with three bad Marvel movie tie-ins to date. Gameplay will feature a free-flowing combat system allowing The First Avenger to fight the way he's known for in the Marvel Comics, that will of course incorporate his trusty adamantium/vibranium shield. Being able to throw the shield and bounce it off multiple enemies is a must-have in any game featuring Cap and it will also be present here.

In addition, Steve Rogers' athleticism will also be on display through various traverse opportunities and possibly puzzles. Check out the screens of Cap in action below:

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The plot of the game will remain as it has for many of the Captain America comics: Apprehend the Red Skull. Those familiar with Captain America lore will know Red Skull is Cap's greatest adversary (much like the Joker is to Batman). Other villains will be present in the game, including Madame Hydra, Baron Strucker and Arnim Zola.

It's hard to get excited for any kind of comic book/movie videogame adaptation lately, with the exception of the Arkham games featuring DC's Batman. The problem? Creating a title that will use mechanics that the character uses consistently. Captain America looks like it will have lots of combat and acrobatics, but will that be enough to lure gamers in?

Captain America: Super Soldier will release in July 19th, coinciding with the film's release on July 22nd, for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, and Nintendo DS.

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