We have less than a month to go before the release of Captain America: The First Avenger, which means the world will be quite a bit more star-spangled for awhile. Everything from special edition comic books to star-shaped donuts are getting shilled to promote the new movie.

However, forget the apparently undrinkable Captain America Cherry Coolatta from Dunkin’ Donuts – it looks like Sega’s Captain America: Super Soldier video game could be the reigning champ of promotional movie tie-ins.

Not only does Captain America: Super Soldier look like it could be a fast, fun action romp, fans of Captain America’s comic books will be delighted to recognize some of the game’s bosses.

A new slew of screenshots released by Sega and Next Level Games reveals not only characters from the movie (namely sinister Nazi scientist Arnim Zola), but also a few faces that will be familiar to those who know the history of the Marvel Universe.

Check out these fascist supervillains in the gallery below:

Iron Cross, Lady Hydra, and Baron Von Strucker are all mainstay villains from Captain America’s days of battling National Socialism and the creeping influence of HYDRA. Their looks have all been updated to conform to the (slightly) more realistic tone of the movie, which admittedly is still pretty goofy and pulpish. Iron Cross has undergone the most dramatic revamp, having been updated from a kind of Nazi Iron Man to become a full-on, diesel-powered mech draped in Teutonic regalia . . . which is kind of awesome.

Speaking as a grand mal comics nerd, the appearance of Baron Strucker has me just short of gleeful. That said, I’m a little bit disappointed that Strucker’s iconic “Satan’s Claw” has become a generic cybernetic arm. In Cap’s comic book mythos, the Claw is an arcane weapon of immense, ancient power that the aristocratic Strucker only straps on when he wants everyone to know he isn’t screwing around. In a storyline that apparently deals with a cosmic superweapon pilfered from the Old Norse Gods, it’s a little strange that they had to tone down that aspect of the character. Still: I’ll soon be able to beat up the Nazi jerk in a video game! Delightful.

A fact sheet released with the screens details Next Level’s design rationale behind Super Soldier’s boss battles. Each is supposedly shaped around using techniques picked up organically while battling the game’s lesser enemies. The release also reveals that Iron Cross’ much beefier video game design came about because of the enthusiasm of the game’s writer, Christos Gage (who is no stranger to comic book writing), for giant mechs. If anything, you can’t fault Next Level for their apparent excitement about their creation.

Are you as excited as I am that we’ll soon be able to beat the hell out of dieselpunk Nazis on the system of our choice? Do the previews of Captain America: Super Soldier leave you wanting? Wave a flag and share your no-doubt patriotic sentiments in the comments!

Captain America: Super Soldier will release for Nintendo DS, 3DS, PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii on July 19.