Independence Day is fast approaching. Not the alien invasion movie with Will Smith, but rather the U.S. holiday put in place to celebrate America’s independence from Great Britain back in 1776. The Fourth of July, as most Americans refer to it, is a chance to show off one’s patriotic side, remember the history of the country, and enjoy a three-day weekend. In preparation for the holiday, Sega and Next Level Games have provided a bunch of new information and images for Captain America: Super Soldier.

Gamers know the drill by now. Every blockbuster superhero movie has some form of video game tie-in surrounding it. In this case, the movie is Marvel’s latest Avenger setup movie, Captain America: The First Avenger (the title gives it away) and the video game is Captain America: Super Soldier. The two are loosely related, – with Chris Evans providing his voice and likeness to the game — but follow their own storyline for the most part.

Sega has plans to reveal bits of insider details over the next couple of weeks that will showcase various highlights of the game. The first set of information comes in the form of 11 images and a dossier written by Super Soldier’s Art Director. Naturally, the art director focuses on the environments featured in the game.

Check out some of the cool locations players will visit within Captain America: Super Soldier.

According to Next Level Games’ Art Director Barret Chapman, the concept for Red Skull’s castle come directly from history.

“Inspiration was taken from the Ksiaz Castle in Poland. During WW2 the castle was home to Project Riese. An underground complex was created to construct Hitler’s headquarters and armaments factories.

We loved the idea of a secret underground complex and thought a similar setting would work perfectly for what our villains were up to. Visually we loved the look of the Castle proper as well, as it had the sense of history and varying types of architecture that we were looking for.”

Chapman goes on to discuss how the locations evolved over time and the various questions the development team asked themselves to create a plausible and engaging setting. After the setting was decided on, the team worked with Christos Gage to weave an interesting narrative into the game and tie the locations together.

For a more general idea of the game and how it will play, check out Super Soldier’s debut trailer. So far, it looks much more promising than the failed Thor: God of Thunder. Also, stay tuned to Game Rant for future updates on Captain America: Super Soldier.

What do you think of the setting for Captain America: Super Soldier?

Captain America: Super Soldier comes out on July 19th for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, DS, and 3DS.