'Captain America: Super Soldier' Gameplay Footage

Captain America: Super Soldier

Whenever a new highly-touted videogame property is announced, the developers and publishers are given the task of selling the masses on how their game will be different - and why it's worth a try. If that title just happens to be tied in to a major film release, the publicity becomes even greater, with the film studio joining in on the act.

Such is the case with the recently announced Captain America: Super Soldier from Next Level Games and SEGA. Given the modest success of the Iron Man and Incredible Hulk videogames in relation to the films, it's safe to say that all parties involved are hoping that this one breaks the mold. Today, in case you're still skeptical, the developers are showcasing new gameplay footage.

No matter how excited fans are for the movie, or comics, it takes a lot more to convince gamers that a game is worth both their time and money.

While the concept art for Super Soldier is certainly intriguing, the announcement trailer most likely left more questions than answers. Why? Because the one question that every fan will undoubtedly ask themselves after getting a glimpse of a Captain America is - "what will it be like to play?"

With the game (at an early stage) on display at New York Comic Con 2010, we finally have our first look at extended gameplay, so have at it:


It's difficult to heap either heavy praise or criticism on the game at this point, since the video doesn't swing to far either way - providing about what you'd expect: a third-person action game, using hand-to-hand combat and a throwable shield. Since the third-person action genre isn't hurting for new IPs, the element that will most likely make Super Soldier stand out is the story - written by comic scribe Christos Gage. So we'll need to sit tight until we get a trailer focused on that particular element.

That said, there are some promising aspects to Captain America: Super Soldier - it's apparent that the developers have borrowed heavily from the combat system in Batman: Arkham Asylum, with the blocks, counters, and slow-motion final blows. While slowing down every single final could slow the overall pace of the combat, it was never a problem for me during Arkham Asylum.

The traversal elements certainly seem to be more interesting than the trailer indicates, but the commentary seems to suggest that Super Soldier may adopt a no-fail policy similar to Enslaved. The glowing objects that cue certain movements is awkward looking. It may turn out to be a non-issue, but I can't be alone in thinking that girders and pipes glowing neon blue in a WWII game is a bad thing.

Either way, Super Soldier will have quite a lot of competition if the trend continues of delaying games into 2011. It's looking like no matter when this game drops, Cap is in for a fight.

What is your take, ranters? Has this first look fallen short of your hopes and expectation? We'll all be looking forward to getting more hands-on impressions in the months to come.

Look forward to your own chance at dismantling mechanized Nazis when Captain America: Super Soldier is released in 2011 on PS3, PC, and Xbox 360.

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