Capcom Acknowledges Miscommunication with 'Street Fighter X Tekken' DLC

Capcom Miscommunication Street Fighter X Tekken DLC

When it comes to the issue of Street Fighter X Tekken's DLC there were a huge series of miscommunications between the publisher/developer Capcom and the game's fan base, and nobody acknowledges that more than Capcom. Though Capcom had publicly come out to explain why their forthcoming set of DLC characters were found on the game's retail disc — it all boiled down to compatibility — it didn't placate fans that have held a longstanding grudge with Capcom over their DLC practices.

Capcom Senior Vice President Christian Svensson realizes that the issue was handled poorly; Capcom's lack of communication compounded with their half-hearted explanation resulted in angrier instead of less. It's not an unheard of practice for a developer to place their DLC on a disc, it happens every now and again, but for Capcom this isn't juts a new idea, it's a trend.

Part of what lead to the most confusion was Capcom's inability to communicate the business side of the DLC issue, that the downloadable characters were going to need to be funded by DLC revenue rather than outright sales of the game — regardless of if they were on disc or not. Unfortunately, in the consumer's eye, anything that is completed before release of Street Fighter X Tekken is considered part of the retail product and should be included free of charge.

"It came down to a development process issue more than anything. I wish it had been done differently. I think it just becomes - the rationality of what content costs to make and how you fund that content doesn't come into play here for the consumer. It's an emotional issue that I think we need to be sensitive to."

Obviously full fault doesn't rest with Capcom, fans were quick to react before getting a clear picture, but communication has been a big problem for Capcom in the past. If those DLC characters would not be possible without the added revenue from downloadable purchases, then make that abundantly clear. That makes more sense than saying players online would encounter problems if the DLC weren't on the disc, even if that is part of the truth.

Do you agree that Capcom could have done better when it came to explaining the Street Fighter X Tekken DLC? Should the publisher hold back on DLC for a while until things smooth over?

Street Fighter X Tekken is out now for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Source: Game Informer

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