To say that Capcom has been getting some bad press lately is like saying the Titanic was a bit of a bumpy ride. With everything that’s been happening lately – the most recent event being the glitch that completely breaks Street Fighter X Tekken – it has to be asked: how can Capcom turn it around?

Capcom has revealed that they will be releasing patches for not only Street Fighter X Tekken but also for Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition in just a few days – for the PC versions only.

The corporate officer/senior vice-president for Capcom USA, Christian Svensson, announced that a patch for the PC version of Street Fighter X Tekken has been submitted to MS, and it should take about a week for it to be approved and prepared for both Steam and non-Steam releases.

He then went on to make a couple of rather troubling statements: he said he “suspects” that the patch will contain all of the launch fixes, such as removing infinite combos and fixing audio bugs, and that it “hopefully” won’t contain the same glitch that broke the console versions.

As for Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, all that was said was that the 1.07 patch was in Capcom’s internal QA, and that it would be sent to MS within the next couple of days. There was no mention of what exactly was in the patch, and it appears as though it will still be a bit longer before it is ready for release.

Perhaps it’s just a lack of communication between the development team and the heads of the company, but for Svensson to use such vague terms as “suspect” and “hopefully” does not allow for a lot of confidence in the company’s ability to rectify the issues quickly. The company has had communication problems before, so this wouldn’t be too much of a surprise, but it’s still somewhat troubling.

Maintaining trust from fans has been a bit of a difficult task for Capcom lately. Their attempt at making Resident Evil an action game with Operation Raccoon City resulted in bad reviews and if their stance on on-disc DLC is anything to go by – combined with the Street Fighter bugs – it feels almost like they’re rushing out their products too quickly, rather than take the time to make sure their products are of a higher quality.

Do you think the patches will properly fix the two games? What are your thoughts on Capcom’s current status among gamers?

Source: EventHubs (via VG247)