Capcom Bringing Resident Evil 7, Mysterious Project Palm to Tokyo Game Show

Capcom Bringing Resident Evil 7, Mysterious Project Palm to Tokyo Game Show - Resident Evil 7 girl in front of mansion

Capcom announces its lineup for this year's Tokyo Game Show, with the company bringing Resident Evil 7, two Monster Hunter games, and Project Palm to TGS 2016.

Each year, there are three major events that typically bring the biggest gaming reveals and announcements: E3 in June, gamescom in August, and Tokyo Game Show in September. One company that plans on being at this year's Tokyo Game Show in a big way is Capcom, as it has already announced four games that it will be showcasing at the event.

Headlining Capcom's Tokyo Game Show offerings is Resident Evil 7, which Capcom has pushed at both E3 and gamescom. Resident Evil 7's gamescom trailer left some fans confused as to what the final game will be like, so here's hoping its presence at TGS brings with it some answers, like a plot synopsis and the identity of the main character.

Along with Resident Evil 7, Capcom is also bringing two Monster Hunter games to Tokyo Game Show this year. The first is Monster Hunter Stories, which is a spinoff of the main series that plays more like a traditional JRPG. The second is Monster Hunter Spirits, which is Capcom's attempt to translate the Monster Hunter franchise into a card game. Monster Hunter Stories is in development for 3DS, whereas Monster Hunter Spirits is only confirmed for arcades at this time, but it's reasonable that a handheld or console version of it could be announced at TGS.

Capcom Bringing Resident Evil 7, Mysterious Project Palm to Tokyo Game Show - Monster Hunter Stories main character and dragon

The fourth game Capcom is bringing to Tokyo Game Show is a mysterious title currently known as Project Palm. At this point, it's hard to say what exactly Project Palm is, but rumors point to it being a new Dragon's Dogma game. Since Deep Down was originally billed as a "spiritual successor" to Dragon's Dogma, it's possible that project has been reworked into Project Palm, though Capcom's recent renewal of the Deep Down trademark seems to deny that theory.

Besides Project Palm, the two Monster Hunter spinoff games, and Resident Evil 7, Capcom could also make brand new game announcements at Tokyo Game Show. In fact, if rumors are true that Nintendo NX will be announced at the event, Capcom could unveil some secret NX projects it has in development at the event.

Speculation aside, Capcom is bringing a decent lineup to Tokyo Game Show. The Project Palm reveal and the chance to see more of Resident Evil 7 should get fans excited, and those games on top of the potential hardware reveals from Sony and Nintendo could make this year's TGS one to remember.

Tokyo Game Show 2016 will take place from September 15th to September 18th.

Source: Capcom (via Nintendo Everything)

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