Earlier this week modders discovered a few pieces of on-disc DLC for Capcom’s latest franchise entry, Resident Evil 6. While on-disc DLC isn’t something new, especially for Capcom, its presence on Resident Evil 6 only further added fire to claims of Capcom milking money out of their loyal fan base.

In order to placate fans’ displeasure, Capcom came out to say that there were some elements that were on the Resident Evil 6 disc, but those were only pieces to a full set. One additional mode, the game’s much beloved/maligned ‘No Hope’ mode, is in fact on the disc, but that apparently is it.

Or that’s at least what Capcom is proclaiming in their most recent public statement, which sets the record straight on forthcoming DLC.

According to the statement, the ‘No Hope’ mode and a co-op companion for Ada Wong’s campaign are in the pipeline, and should be released as DLC soon. Thankfully, though, the DLC will be available for free, so the notion of them being on the disc or not is irrelevant.

Additionally, Capcom has plans to offer the Ada Wong campaign — which currently can only be unlocked once the game’s three main campaigns are completed — from the start. For a game that is touted as a unique multiplayer experience by way of its Crossover feature, it was surprising to hear that its climax was intended for a single player only.

In several press events leading up to the release of Resident Evil 6, including a panel at Comic-Con this year, Capcom had been bombarded with questions regarding Ada Wong, to which they usually replied, “Wait and see.” This tiny detail hints that the Ada Wong campaign was more of an afterthought, and didn’t get the attention it needed.

Capcom also wanted to stress that future DLC, like the forthcoming multiplayer modes are not on the Resident Evil 6 disc, and will be paid DLC. The previously mentioned features, however, will be free.

While it appears that Capcom has learned their lesson about on-disc DLC, it’s still a bit confusing that they would hide content on the disc, even if it is only a partial piece. And to make matters worse, the game’s not that good (read our review).

Would you be willing to play through Resident Evil 6 again on a harder difficulty? Should Ada’s campaign have had a co-op partner from the start?

Resident Evil 6 is out now for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Source: Capcom Unity