Capcom, Namco & Sega Tease Mystery 3DS Collaboration

Capcom Namco Bandai Sega 3DS Collaboration Teaser

Mystery and confusion continues as the Capcom, Namco Bandai and Sega 3DS collaboration releases their first teaser, giving little information of what they're up to. With so little to go on, many have tried to guess what the little chromosomes are up to, but one thing is for sure, the game developers are not making this easy for anyone.

The very hush-hush project between the three video game power houses was announced a few weeks ago. Capcom, Namco, and Sega are all working together to create a new 3DS game and all we have now is speculation and curiosity.

The teaser site that first unveiled the project released three petri dishes, one for each developing company, each with three different colored "chromosomes." There was no further hints as to what they are related to, but obvious theories about them representing key franchises and video game characters have been popping into everyone's minds. Check out the petri dish colored chromosomes below:

Capcom Namco Bandai Sega Chromosomes

From what others have been guessing, it does seem like the color scheme for the middle guy in Capcom is Zero from Mega Man. On the Namco side, there is a guess that the far right symbol represents Kite from .hack. But who (or what) could the rest be? What will this game become?

Could this be a big collaborative fighting game like Marvel vs. Capcom? Or perhaps this could be an amazing new Kingdom Hearts-like game where all the crossovers will magically work together in an awesome RPG?

Only time will tell what Capcom, Namco Bandai, and Sega have up their sleeves. So stay tuned to Game Rant as this story unfolds and more information is released.

Ranters, what do you want to see from the developer team-up? Can you take a guess at who the other characters are, if they even are characters to begin with?


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