Capcom Has Not Forgotten About 'Mega Man'

Capcom Has Not Forgotten About Mega Man

Our favorite blue reploid maverick hunter may have had some bad luck recently, but it will take a whole lot more for Capcom to forget about Mega Man.

In a recent interview, Capcom's US Vice President, Christian Svensson, sat down to discuss the company and teases the return of the Mega Man.

It wasn't too long ago that fans were excited to see Mega Man Legends 3 on shelves, but due to unfortunate circumstances the game never released. Mega Man had the same bad luck when he wasn't even invited on to the Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 roster. Luckily, if fans want to play as him they can snag a DLC to use his costume on Zero for Ultimate MVC3

With such enthusiasm from gamers about their beloved Mega Man, one would wonder why Capcom has decided to shelve the little guy. Thanks to an insightful interview with the US VP of Capcom, there has been some light shed on the situation.

“Mega Man is a key brand for Capcom and will remain so. I don’t have any products we’ve announced publicly that I can point to and say “see, I told you” but there are “top men” within Capcom thinking about the future of the brand and where it’s going. We will have official announcements in due course.”

Hopefully those official announcements come sooner than later. There haven't been any recent Mega Man titles and something fresh and exciting could definitely win back gamers who were looking forward to Mega Man Legends 3. Capcom does regret their decision to cancel MML3, and they understand why fans are upset, but they also look forward to winning back their trust with new announcements. It may take some time, but Capcom doesn't want to pull the trigger too prematurely to upset the fanbase more than they already have.

Ranters, what direction do you feel the Mega Man franchise should go? Do you still crave a new Mega Man game?


Source: Game Informer

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