Mega Man 10

Game Rant recently reported that Mega Man 10 would be available on the Wii, but Capcom has announced today  that the next chapter in the Mega Man series will be available via digital download across multiple platforms, much like the previous Mega Man 9 game.

Mega Man 9 was a throwback of sorts, as it used the original NES game engine and graphic design that made Mega Man 1 — 6 so popular during the 8-bit heyday. Capcom reports that Mega Man 10 “will return gamers to the nostalgic perfection of classic 2D Mega Man gameplay, embracing retro platform action and NES-inspired old-school graphics.”

Oddly enough, this throwback game strives to remain relevant, tapping into the current Flu concerns that have been discussed worldwide for the last year or so. Mega Man 10 will feature Mega Man fighting the source of a “Robot Flu” (M1M1? Ehhh…  I tried) as infected robots overrun the city. Story-wise, I’m actually left wondering if there will be any continuity between this game’s Robot Flu as an evolutionary lead-in to the Mega Man X series’ Sigma Virus.

Long time Mega Man fans will be excited to see that Mega Man’s precursor, Proto Man will be a selectable, playable character from the start, and the developers promise the “wildest villains the series has seen yet”.

The game is also reported to include an “easy” difficulty option, as well as a new “Mega Man Challenges” mode all in the retro, sprite style of the original series. Expect to see the game available for download on the WiiWare Service, Playstation Network, and Xbox Live in March 2010.

Of course, the newest entry in the series is a far cry from what some fans have recently expressed to Game Rant, but I’ll bet that most Mega Man fans will be happy to see Mega Man 10 coming soon. Are you guys ready to throw out the throw back style, or embrace the Mega Buster one more time?

Source: Capcom