Win a 6 Foot Tall Zombie Statue With Dead Rising 2's 'High Stakes' Special Edition

Dead Rising 2 Logo

The High Stakes Edition, according to Capcom’s website is, “Taking advantage of the Dead Rising 2’s setting and going all out with this Fortune City-flavored edtion!”

The Dead Rising 2 High Stakes Edition Includes:

  • Dead Rising 2 Game (Xbox 360 or PS3)
  • Poker set in a black high-impact case sporting the Fortune City logo and including:
    • 100 poker chips- 4 different colors featuring the Fortune City logo
    • 2 decks of ‘blood-stained’ custom playing cards featuring character art
    • 5 green dice
    • 1 ‘blood-stained’ dealer chip

    According to Capcom, if you like your stakes high, then you will love the new collectible Dead Rising 2 High Stakes Edition. And for only $89.99 on both Xbox 360 or PS3, that is a hell of deal. Especially when compared to other special editions that were more expensive and extremely disappointing. Ahem, I am talking about you Arkham Asylum.

    If you love Zombies as much as I do, and you love killing them even more, then this is possibly one of the more exciting special editions of game announced, I mean come on you get a chance to win a 6 foot tall zombie figure, appropriately named Burt.

    Dead Rising 2 6ft Zombie

    Pre-Order your copy now for guaranteed delivery on release date on September 28th, 2010 for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

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