Capcom to Announce Two New Games During Nintendo's 3DS Conference

Capcom 3DS Games

Twitter is a wonderful thing. It keeps us entertained with our friends' dilemmas, celebrities addressing their hordes of followers, gossip, and most importantly video game news. Capcom has taken the Twitter route today in order to provide its followers with a reason to stay up extremely late or wake up early tomorrow: two new game announcements.

As you may have heard, a big Nintendo 3DS event will be happening late tonight/early tomorrow morning (depending on which time zone you occupy). Nintendo is expected to finally give some release details and a list of launch games we can expect for the system, and Capcom will be part of this with "two new games" according to a recent tweet from the publisher:

"Two new games announced tomorrow for the early birds amongst you here at 7am."

We already know that Capcom is working on Resident Evil: Revelations and Street Fighter games for the 3D enabled handheld, so what else could Capcom possibly have up its well-hidden sleeve? Well, if it's not Resident Evil and it's not Street Fighter then that only leaves a few possibilities. Mega Man has appeared countless times in the past few years on Nintendo's handhelds so it seems like a logical transition for the Blue Bomber to jump to the three dimensional device. That still leaves one other game though, and that only leaves a few viable options.

Monster Hunter has only been seen on one handheld and that's the PSP, but now that Nintendo has an upgraded handheld maybe it's time the game gets a 3D makeover. Monster Hunter on the 3DS makes a ton of sense considering that it's one of the largest moneymakers in Japan today. Monster hunting in 3D does sound like a ton of fun with the potential to literally have monsters jumping out of the screen in an attempt to kill you, and the game would likely sell extremely an overabundance for Capcom. It's an obvious choice for Capcom!

The games could turn out to be anything from Capcom's gaming arsenal, but all we can really do is speculate and brew a pot of coffee in an attempt to keep your eyes open long enough to find out what the games will be. The conference will start at 4am for the United Kingdom, but North Americans in the Eastern time zone can look forward to learning about the new 3DS news at 11pm. Game Rant will be waiting for some news on not only Capcom's new titles, but anything and everything regarding the 3DS -- and its potential November release date -- as soon as it's announced so stay tuned.

What games do you think Capcom will announce? Will you be staying up for the Nintendo 3DS conference?

Source: Twitter

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