Concept Art Release for Now Defunct 'Superman' Game

Though Superman still tops our list of superheroes we would like to star in their own game, developed by Rocksteady or otherwise, that wish almost became a reality before Factor 5 Studios closed down. This Superman project, which was code named ‘Blue Steel’, was intended to wipe the bad taste of Superman games from gamers’ palettes, and jettison the property into Batman: Arkham Asylum territory.

While we can’t say what the final product would have looked like — whether it would have been an open-world title like Arkham City or a more focused effort like Spider-Man: Edge of Time — some concept art for the game has appeared online that shows what some of DC’s iconic characters would have looked like.

Many of Superman’s classic foibles are there, from Lex Luthor to Darkseid, but each has a very dated look — this is still concept art after all. I don’t think the major problem with Superman games in the past has been their inability to capture the Man of Steel’s look, but rather their lackluster gameplay.

The last time gamers saw a Superman video game adaptation was in connection with the 2006 film Superman Returns, another in the long list of mediocre movie tie-in games, but one that did at least get the flying right, and that was about it.

Superman is one of the few superheroes that presents a wealth of options, but also a wealth of problems. A superhero like Batman or Spider-Man has their inherent “flaws,” but Superman should feel like Superman, something we hope Factor 5 was focusing on. The look of the character is solid, but that’s about all we can glean.

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It might be curtains for this Superman project, but that doesn’t mean a potential Superman game isn’t still in the cards. As titles like DC Universe Online, and even LEGO Batman, begin to incorporate Superman perhaps developers will begin to understand how to give the last son of Krypton his proper due. It may not be from Rocksteady Studios that we see that project, but someone is going to have to step to the plate.

What is your vision for a Superman video game? Would it be open world or more focused? How would a developer be able to bring balance to a character that is essentially unbeatable?

Source: Just Push Start

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