There are always going to be a handful of games that fans want to see make a return. Whether that pertains to a specific in-game character from a series that’s already run its course or just a new entry in a long dormant franchise, there are almost too many examples of this to count in the gaming industry. As many can attest, however, the bulk of the most desired emanates from the untapped library of colorful heroes that are owned and created by developer Rare.

While calls for the return of the likes of Banjo-Kazooie are some of the more prominent (and we agree that it’s time to see a return to form for the 3D platformer) amongst the community, apparently a follow up of sorts to Conker: Live & Reloaded on the original Xbox almost happened. Titled Conker: Gettin’ Medieval, it would have been a multiplayer-only game that once again pit the squirrels versus the teddies.

The title’s short-lived existence was revealed in a new Rare Revealed: Concept Showcase video, which the famed developer just recently posted to its YouTube channel. Many will remember the Concept Showcase as a special feature found in the recently released Rare Replay, and the company has decided to keep the videos rolling with even more looks into some of the more beloved games the company has – and in this case hasn’t – ever released.

As confirmed in the video, Conker: Gettin’ Medieval was set to be an entirely different take on the series. Forgoing a traditional story, the main focus would be competitive online multiplayer in a similar fashion to Live & Reloaded‘s multiplayer feature. Meanwhile, Conker would be given a cameo role, with Gregg the Grim Reaper – a memorable character from Bad Fur Day – taking a majority of the spotlight this time around.

As fate would have it, the game never ended up making it past the planning stages. While the voice of Conker, Chris Seavor, reflects on the project with a lot of enthusiasm, he ultimately seems sad that the game never did make it to retailers. Still, concept art from the long since abandoned title are present in the brief documentary of sorts, and it’s definitely interesting to look at and think about what could have been with a multiplayer-centric return of the foul-mouthed squirrel.

Despite Gettin’ Medieval never being fully realized, Conker’s Bad Fur Day did eventually return as part of the Rare Replay collection, and it was easily one of the best games we played through during our review. Maybe one day Conker will make a proper return, but for now fans are left wondering what could have been.

Would you have liked a multiplayer-only Conker title on Xbox or do you think it was best left as a concept? Get at us in the comments.