Canceled Batman Game Starring Damian Wayne Concept Art Leaks

batman damian wayne character art

Concept art from what's reported to be a canceled Batman game from WB Games Montreal has leaked online. The concept art shows several scenes and characters from the canceled Batman game. However, this isn't a direct continuation of the Batman Arkham titles. This game stars Damian Wayne, who faces off against alternate versions of classic Batman villains. Details regarding why this Batman game, codename Project Sabbath, was canceled were not provided.

The leaker, who posted the images on 4chan, claims that the game takes place in the future compared to prior Batman games. Bruce Wayne has become a much older man, as have other characters including Two-Face, White Rabbit, and Dick Grayson (Nightwing). The rest of the rogue's gallery in the game are made up of new takes on past Batman villains. These include Poison Ivy, Gorilla Grodd, and Black Mask.

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There are also two pieces of environmental art shared in the leak. The first shows Damian as Batman riding a motorbike down a dark road. In the distance are two skyscrapers, one being what appears to be the Gotham News tower. "THE END IS HERE" is spray-painted overhead and barbed wire fencing borders one side of the road. The second image shows a mid-city look at Gotham. The Wayne Enterprises tower is in ruin. In the distance skyscrapers for Goth Corp, Ace Chemicals, and the GCPD can be seen.

This version of Gotham, from the state of the city to the condition of Batman's villains, is intended to be seen as a darker, run-down version compared to previous games. Things haven't gone according to Batman's plan. That said, all of the expected Batman Arkham style and structure seem to be in place. Damian-Batman travels on his Batbike instead of a tank. But there's otherwise a ton of skyscrapers and open rooftops to swing from and land on.

batman damian wayne gotham concept art

batman damian wayne wayne tower

batman damian wayne grodd white rabbit

Why the Damian Wayne Batman game was canceled isn't known. It's one of multiple projects long-rumored to be either canceled or rebooted at WB Games Montreal. There are also rumors about a Suicide Squad game that was canceled and has since been rebooted. There's also speculation about a Batman game focused on the Court of Owls. Lastly, there's a rumor that WB Games Montreal could be ready to announce its game as soon as Gamescom, so fans may not have to wait much longer.

As interesting as the concept art is, given the source of the images and other information it can't be seen as wholly reliable. There's always a chance that a talented fan took the time to imagine their own version of the next Batman Arkham game. Until Warner Bros. is ready to talk about what's coming next from the Batman franchise, Project Sabbath joins a list of interesting but unconfirmed rumors.

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