Any gamers interested in seeing what Canadian Pokemon might look like can wonder no more, thanks to a series of illustrations from a talented Pokemon fan.

What if Pokemon were Canadian?

It’s a question everyone probably asks on the daily, but now there’s actually an answer for it. The land that has forsaken pennies, colored its money, and built a reputation on apologetic kindness is sure to have some unique Pokemon, and a freelance illustrator named Darren Calvert has taken the time to draw what he thinks these Canadian Pokemon would look like.

Calvert based his creations off of popular culture in Canada, which results in some very recognizable pocket monsters. We expect those of you viewing this article from north of the border will immediately recognize where each of the below Pokemon got their inspiration from.

Without further ado, here’s the Canadian Pokemon that Calvert has created so far:

Those familiar with popular culture in Canada will recognize many of Calvert’s creations, including Pokemon that resemble things like a fresh cup of Tim Hortons, which is itself a brand named after a hockey player, because of course it is. There’s also a Loonie, depicting the animal that graces Canada’s one dollar coin of the same name, since Canada long ago rid itself of one dollar bills. We’re curious to see if Calvert will draw a Toonie Pokemon, which would be an interesting evolution to follow.

The popular (and stereotypical) Canadian sketch show Great White North also makes the cut in the form of Digglett’s adorable northern cousin, and even the canuck term hoser coined by the Bob and Doug McKenzie duo makes a a very literal appearance as its own hose-based Pokemon.

We sincerely hope that Darren isn’t done with his drawings of Canadiana, because we want more. Will the Pokemon form of Trudeau evolve from a stair-falling comedian into a Prime Minister? Only time will tell.

Those looking for more official Pokemon sightings will be happy to know that two more Pokemon from Sun & Moon were shown off in the latest edition of CoroCoro magazine, though they didn’t achieve the same amount of fanfair as the everyone’s favorite new owl. In terms of the upcoming mobile application Pokemon GO, it looks like Nintendo will stop beta tests as this month comes to a close, ahead of the game’s presumed release this July.

Anyone interested in checking out more of Calvert’s work can do so here.

Do you think any Canadian Pokemon are missing from the Tweet, Ranters?

Source: Twitter