Call of Duty YouTuber Robbed at Gunpoint

swaggxbl robbed gumpoint

"Looked inside of the barrel, thought that was it..." quoted Call of Duty YouTuber SwaggXBL's tweet.

SwaggXBL, also known as Kris, has been streaming games since mid-2013. He grew in popularity when his video collaboration with TheMarkOfJ reached over 200,000 views on YouTube. Since then Kris has gained a following of over 700,000 followers. Kris has a loyal fanbase who enjoy his Call of Duty gaming and updates in recent gaming news. Now, SwaggXBL has shared some unsettling news with his fans.

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Late Wednesday night, Kris tweeted to his fans that he was robbed at gunpoint by an unknown assailant. Kris tweeted in short sentences, likely still in shock from the horrifying event. Out of sheer luck, Kris was not carrying his wallet with him at the time.  He was, however, sporting his custom chain link necklace often seen in all of his videos.

Kris described his haunting experience in a simple,  "Thought I was dead." On Friday afternoon Kris released a video on his YouTube channel fully detailing what happened during the event. A clearly flustered Kris recounted the story to his fans so he could refer to the video if anyone had any questions.

Kris tells how he met his ex-girlfriend in front of his apartment where they were having issues finding parking. As soon as Kris and his girlfriend found a spot, the unknown assailant came up to the car and pointed a gun at his ex-girlfriend and then at him told them to give him their money.

"It really pissed me off, because in this day and age, who carries cash? Nobody carries cash anymore!" Kris exclaims.  He didn't have his wallet on him, but he did have his iconic jewel-studded chain that he wears in most of his videos. Unfortunately, the necklace was stolen, but it is possible that this could have been fortunate. As Kris later goes on to describe, if he didn't have his necklace on him, the robber would have walked away with nothing. This may have created a more volatile outcome for Kris and his ex-girlfriend as the assailant was already aggressive and belligerent.

Several fans have been reaching out to Kris via Twitter sharing their relief that he's in good health, albeit very shook up.  Since the original tweet, Kris has responded to very few comments asking for more information, but he does hope the video will help those who have experienced a similar situation who have also been mugged.

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