Call of Duty XP will begin in Los Angeles in two days time, and aside from featuring the performances by Kanye West and Dropkick Murphys, the event will also be the the first place that Infinity Ward officially reveals Modern Warfare 3’s competitive multiplayer modes to the public. And to help generate hype for the announcement, a slightly over zealous Robert Bowling provides a video walkthrough of the Call of Duty XP set up.

As players can see in the video, the secure Call of Duty XP compound is filled with gaming consoles, where gamers will be able to play either Modern Warfare 3‘s Multiplayer or Spec Ops modes as well as partake in the big money tournament.

Activision is going all out for the event. As mentioned in the past, Scrapyard, one of the maps from Modern Warfare 2, has been recreated and re-purposed as a paintball course so fans can literally play in an actual level from the games. But Scrapyard isn’t the only part from Modern Warfare 2 that has been painstakingly recreated for Call of Duty XP. Burger Town, the resturant players were tasked with protecting in of Modern Warfare 2‘s campaign has also been recreated and acts as an actual resturant. Attendees can stop by and grab a bite to eat if they need to, which is more than they could do in MW2 as this time a BTR won’t be shooting at them, well, hopefully.

Activision even took the time to recreate The Pit from the first level of Modern Warfare 2. In the video Robert Bowling states that attendees can pick their weapon of choice and run the course.


While some of the Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer details may have been leaked before hand, Call of Duty XP still looks like it will feature a ton of content of any Call of Duty fan. Couple all of what has been mentioned in the video and include a free code for the Modern Warfare 3 Hardened Edition and a 1 million dollar tournament and Call of Duty XP is definately worth the price of admission. Better yet, all proceeds from Call of Duty XP ticket sales will also go to helping war veterans, so not only do gamers get to enjoy some great content, get free swag and get treated to concerts by big name music artists, but they’ll also be donating to a worthy cause at the same time.

Call of Duty XP will even feature something for the Zombie fans out there. Attendees can dig into the story behind the Zombies mode at a panel with many of the key people related to the Zombies game mode found in Treyarch’s last two games, World at War and Black Ops. There will also be Zombie themed merchandise available for sale, including perk stickers and t-shirts.

We’ll be there. Are you going? If not, the event will be live-streamed through through the MW3 Facebook app.

Modern Warfare 3 launches November 8th 2011 for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. And to celebrate the upcoming Call of Duty XP event, most of the Call of Duty content available on Xbox Live/PSN is currently half off.