Like past Zombies modes in the franchise, Army of the Dead in Call of Duty: WW2 is set to have a star-studded cast of Hollywood talent. The first actor revealed was David Tennant of Doctor Who fame, but now two more actors have been announced for the mode.

As announced on Twitter, Katheryn Winnick, best known for her role in Vikings, will be playing Marie Fischer. Elodie Yung, the actress who plays Elektra in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, will be starring in Call of Duty WW2‘s Zombies mode as Olivia Durant. Further details on their characters aren’t available at this time, but a full reveal for Army of the Dead will come in just a couple of days at the San Diego Comic-Con.

While fans wait patiently for Army of the Dead’s full reveal, they should have more teases to look forward over the next couple of days. After all, Sledgehammer Games has set up an entire Army of the Dead teaser site that has been slowly adding content to tease fans with what to expect from the game mode, plus there are sure to be more actor announcements on Twitter as the countdown to Comic-Con continues.

Speaking of the Comic-Con reveal, hopefully Sledgehammer has more up its sleeve than just the leaked footage that appeared online a few days ago. Presumably the presentation will offer a more detailed rundown on gameplay mechanics and the actors that will be featured in Army of the Dead, but it’s also possible that more detailed information won’t come until we get closer to the game’s launch in November.

While very little is known about Army of the Dead, Sledgehammer Games seems to be pleasing Call of Duty fans so far. Including Zombies at launch seems to have been the right move, and the game’s World War 2 setting has also been met with praise from the community. If Sledgehammer can nail multiplayer as well, Call of Duty: WW2 could very well be a return to form for the franchise.

Call of Duty: WW2 is launching November 3rd for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.