Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 may be getting closer to launch, but that doesn’t mean Sledgehammer is finished releasing content for their newest entry into the franchise,  Call of Duty: World War 2.

Publisher Activision revealed the new DLC pack, titled United Front, with a brand new trailer. The new pack will feature three multiplayer maps called Market Garden, Monte Cassino, and Stalingrad; a new War map titled Operation Supercharge; and a Zombies map called The Tortured Path.

The multiplayer maps are standard fare for Call of Duty DLC. Market Garden will feature the tight, fast-paced action players are used to while Monte Cassino focuses more on verticality and flank routes. Stalingrad, meanwhile, will feature options for a variety of players, granting wide open space for snipers on either end of the map while run-and-gunners can utilize the map’s sewer system to flank the other team and get behind enemy lines.

Operation Supercharge, named after the Second Battle of El Alamein, follows Allied Forces as they push German and Italian forces from their last secure position in Tunisia. Players will either air-drop into the map as the allies or defend their positions as the Nazi forces. Call of Duty World War 2’s multi-stage War mode is one of the more interesting aspects of the game, so additional content for the game mode is always welcome.

Finally, The Tortured Path Zombies map follows a caravan of Allied soldiers as they cross a 2,000 mile stretch of Final Reich-infested land, protecting pieces of Emperor Barbossa’s sword and using it to end the Final Reich.

This is the third DLC pack for World War 2, with one additional pack planned before the launch of Black Ops 4. Paid DLC has been a hot topic for both Call of Duty and the games industry as a whole ever since EA announced that Battlefield V will not feature a premium pass or paid maps. Since then, Activision has faced criticism for dividing the community and locking content behind a restrictive paywall with their season pass structure.

The publisher still hasn’t announced a price-point for Black Ops 4’s season pass, but that hasn’t done anything to stifle negative feedback. Hopefully, Activision will take the feedback to heart and change their business model.

Call of Duty: World War 2’s United Front DLC will release on June 26th.