Call of Duty: WW2 May Star Transformers Actor Josh Duhamel

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Call of Duty has often been a magnet for Hollywood actors who have starred in both the games themselves or marketing material surrounding the games in the past. The most recent rumor is that Call of Duty: WW2 will feature Transformers actor Josh Duhamel.

Fueling the rumor is the fact that Duhamel just recently started following the official Call of Duty Twitter account, which has taken on a full Call of Duty: WW2 makeover leading up to the official reveal for the game.

josh duhamel call of duty ww2 rumor

Further searching of Duhamel's Twitter account reveals a tweet from last month that features the actor in a full mocap suit, which now many are speculating is connected to Call of Duty.

While Duhamel could be doing mocap acting for almost any video game or other animated project, it's another piece of evidence for him being cast in this year's Call of Duty. Fans are also trying to connect the dots between this and a particular image that was leaked from Call of Duty: WW2 featuring a soldier that bears a resemblance to Duhamel.


It wouldn't be a surprise if a big-name actor was cast in Call of Duty: WW2. Developer Sledgehammer Games is calling this year's entry in the popular FPS its "biggest game to date" and a recent leak of campaign details appear to promise a campaign with "blockbuster cinematic authenticity."

According to the leaked box art, the campaign is said to send players to "land in Normandy on D-Day and battle across Europe" and feature "the story of an unbreakable brotherhood of common men fighting to preserve freedom in a world on the brink of tyranny."

Call of Duty has regularly featured popular actors, including Game of Thrones' Kit Harrington in last year's Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Sledgehammer Games' last foray in Call of Duty, Advanced Warfare featured Kevin Spacey, so the developer is no stranger to having a big name in its game.

The official reveal for Call of Duty: WW2 is set for Wednesday, April 26 and could offer confirmation of Duhamel's involvement with the project.

Call of Duty: WW2 has a leaked release date of November 3, 2017 and is set to come to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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