Black Ops 2 Wii U Leak

Call of Duty is one of the most popular franchises in modern gaming, and love it or hate it, an appearance on the Wii U would certainly benefit Nintendo’s latest console. The Big N doesn’t necessarily disagree, saying the series would benefit from the Wii U’s tablet controller.

Scott Moffitt, marketing executive for Nintendo of America, reiterated that core gamers are a big part of the company’s strategy with the Wii U, and that by re-imagining games with the tablet controller in mind, players may use it as their preferred input method.

Moffitt cited the Call of Duty franchise in particular, with the possibility of using the Wii U’s second screen as drop down map. Recent rumors have pegged Black Ops 2 as a potential launch title for the Wii U, making it likely that Moffitt’s statements could allude to features we’d see in a Wii U release.

“You can imagine how a game like Call of Duty would work on the Wii U – the GamePad will allow you to declutter the TV and pull gaming items like maps down and not interrupt your interaction and enjoy the cinematic quality of the game on the TV.

That’s one application that could be exciting and could enhance gameplay for a core gamer.”

One of the biggest complaints I have with modern day shooters is how intrusive the HUD system is. Maps and bullet counters crowd the screen and few games offer options to turn off the HUD. Being able to put most of that on the Wii U’s second screen would definitely help the single player portions of Call of Duty (as well as more atmospheric shooters, in general) where immersion is important.

At the same time though, if Nintendo wants a Call of Duty title to truly succeed on their console then they need to start releasing details on the system’s online network. We’ve already seen the Miiverse, and while it looks intriguing, players need to hear more about network features like friend codes. For many gamers, multiplayer is the series’ biggest selling point, and if the Nintendo Network isn’t up to par with PSN or XBLA, then no amount of Wii U features are going to justify switching consoles.

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Source: GameSpot (via CVG)