Call of Duty Swatter Facing Felony Charges


Last week, Tyler Barriss of Los Angeles lied to police about a potential hostage situation, sending a SWAT team to the Wichita, Kansas home of 28 year old father of two, Andrew Finch. Finch was shot and killed as soon as he answered the door, and after an investigation, police located and arrested Tyler Barriss for making the call. We have now learned exactly what kind of charges Barriss is facing.

Barriss is being charged with a felony count of false alarm. Barriss has admitted to being the person that made the call to police, and will be extradited to Kansas, where he may face additional charges for the role he played in Finch's death.

As it turns out, this isn't the first time Barriss has faced prison for a swatting incident. In 2016, Barriss was arrested for swatting and making bomb threats, only to be released in January 2017. Not even a month later, Barriss violated a protective order and was sentenced to a year in prison. However, he was released early in August 2017.

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Since Barriss is a repeat offender and this latest swatting incident resulted in the death of another person, he could be facing serious time in prison. Whether or not this prison time prevents him from committing similar acts in the future remains to be seen. It's clear that his previous punishments failed to teach him anything, and that will surely be taken into account when his sentence is declared.

Something else that will be taken into account is the ridiculous reason why Barriss decided to send police to Andrew Finch's home. For the uninitiated, the Call of Duty swatting incident took place because Barriss was in an argument with a team after they lost a $1.50 wager match in Call of Duty: WW2. Barriss had intended to send a SWAT team to his teammate's house but accidentally sent them to Andrew Finch's home instead.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out, and if Barriss ends up charged with more felonies once he arrives in Wichita. This case could set the precedent for much harsher penalties for people that decide to "SWAT" others in the future.

Source: TIME

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