Rumor Patrol: Leaked 'Call of Duty' Info Hints at Near-Future 'Modern Warfare 4'

Call of Duty Rumor Modern Warfare 4 Near Future

It appears that after the announcement that Sledgehammer Games would be taking over the Call of Duty franchise's development for 2014 and that the series had moved to a three-year development cycle gamers have been curious than ever to know more about Activision's latest. And while rumored details have always been easy to come by as far as Call of Duty is concerned, most of the time they don't pan out.

One tipster who seems to be pretty reliable when it comes to Call of Duty leaks is a YouTuber by the name of Drift0r. He's the same fellow that leaked a few Call of Duty: Ghosts deets last year, and now he has a few rumored info on this year's game.

According to Drift0r, whose source comes from within the "Call of Duty machine," Sledgehammer Games' first COD game bares a lot of resemblance to the Modern Warfare franchise. He says that the game is set in what appears to be a near-future setting with locales and weaponry that, while not currently available to modern military personnel, are not as far fetched as, say, a laser rifle.

While Drift0r could not share the assets he received (due to obvious copyright reasons) his recap falls in line with previous rumors regarding the next Call of Duty. More specifically, word from a recent Destination PlayStation event claimed the next Call of Duty would be Modern Warfare 4 — a continuation of Infinity Ward's original sub-series.


Without anything tangible to critique or analyze it's hard to determine how legitimate the source in question is. All the details make sense both in terms of the direction Call of Duty appears to be heading and Activision's love of familiar branding.

So, while Call of Duty gains a new developer and a new development cycle, it appears that (if these rumors are true) not much will have changed. This year will be Modern Warfare 4, next year will likely be Black Ops 3, and 2016 will see a follow-up to Ghosts.

That being said, the potential success for Call of Duty moving forward doesn't lay with branding, but with the gameplay. If these successive titles can leverage next-gen systems in new and unexpected ways and add new elements to the single and multiplayer experience, then we'd bet gamers would gladly accept another Modern Warfare…even one featuring Captain Price.

If Activision sticks to their formula we should be hearing official details on this next Call of Duty sometime soon. Not much, mind you, but enough for the speculation wheels to start turning.

Should Call of Duty revisit the Modern Warfare brand? What do you think will help the franchise redeem itself this year?


Source: Drift0r (via MP1st)

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