Will Activision Reveal a New ‘Call of Duty’ at E3?

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For a straight decade, the Call of Duty franchise has churned out a major title every year. In recent years these titles have been announced shortly before E3.

According to Activision community manager Dan Amrich, 2013 will follow suit. In a recent YouTube video Amrich revealed that a new title will soon be announced for current and next-gen systems – meaning PS4 and, “whatever Xbox is working on.”

“We’re still deep in the middle of the Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 cycle and there’s still a lot more content to come, so you can understand why Activision hasn’t really talked about next year yet, but they’re going to have to soon, because E3 is coming up… …If you’re looking for information on the future, it’s coming soon, it’s just not here yet, and it should be here no later than E3.” – Dan Amrich, Activision Community Manager

Alongside the announcement of a new Call of Duty, gaming enthusiasts can also look forward to upcoming next-gen Xbox announcements expected from Microsoft, which could happen as early as May. While history may indeed repeat itself, there is growing concern of over-saturation in the FPS genre – as well as spreading the fanbase too thinly across several active multiplayer titles.

While franchise sales may have peaked with the 2011 release of Modern Warfare 3, the Call of Duty brand is still going strong. And so it stands to reason that a 2013 release may be more necessary to boost the brand than previous titles. After all, EA’s long-running Battlefield series has already shown gamers what next-generation systems are capable of, and there is no doubt that the same is expected from CoD — it’s just a question of when.

What do you think, Ranters: Are you ready to sink your teeth into a next-generation Call of Duty title, or are you too busy with the Black Ops 2Uprising DLC? While nothing is known of this upcoming entry into the record-setting franchise (except that it simply exists), rest assured that Game Rant will deliver the most up-to-date information as it becomes available!

Black Ops 2 is the current flagship title of the Call of Duty franchise, and has just released the Uprising DLC, featuring new maps and a zombie campaign.

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