GR Pick [Video]: Fan-Made 'Call of Duty: Police Warfare' Concept Pitch

Call of Duty Police Warfare Pitch Video

An exciting new fan-made trailer concept is making the rounds that, if Activision is paying attention, could get the ball rolling on a really intriguing concept. Titled Call of Duty: Police Warfare, this game concept would be the franchise's first title that is download-only and focuses solely on multiplayer.

In the pitch trailer, which is included below, the developers imagine taking Infinity Ward's current Modern Warfare 3 engine and giving it slight improvements and variations to create the world of Police Warfare. Among the other new additions to that base formula would new vehicles and gadgets seen primarily in SWAT or high-risk encounters.

As far as the game's content goes it would essentially be a competitive multiplayer version of cops vs. robbers, kind of like Gotham City Impostors, with players making their stand on either side of the law in modes like Heist. Aside from that brief game mode and a few design details, though, the pitch doesn't share too much about how the game would play.


Most of it feels like reskinned versions of items featured in Modern Warfare 3, even down to the weapons that would be on display, but the concept definitely has some potential. Obviously there are a lot of hills this Police Warfare concept will need to climb, not the least of which is the fact that Activision has now committed themselves to a strict yearly release schedule, but if any of the Call of Duty folks have seen this they should strongly consider making it.

It should also be mentioned that this concept could be considered a bit controversial in terms of its context and subject matter. Part of the fun in a Call of Duty multiplayer match is the vague nature of the combatants, but setting it close to home might raise some complaints.

Nonetheless, props to whoever put this game concept and video together, and we hope that their idea catches the eye of anyone who might have some clout in the video game development world. It might not necessarily work for Call of Duty, but that doesn’t mean it couldn't easily be its own self-contained offering.

What do you think of Call of Duty: Police Warfare? Is it something you would be willing to pay $15 to $20 for?

Source: Police Warfare (via Joystiq)

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