During its earnings call yesterday, Activision released a few interesting notes about its Call of Duty franchise. While some of the really big news — like title, plot, confirmed release date — might remain a mystery, Activision did announce that its next Call of Duty game will have an accompanying “Online Universe.” They also stated that they did not plan on monetizing the features players currently get for free in Call of Duty games.

While this might actually raise more questions than it actually answers, fans of the franchise should be happy to hear that Activision is not looking to charge for the game’s established multiplayer. Sure, they will still likely continue to release map packs that players have to pay for if they want them, but at least the core multiplayer experience should remain included with the game’s standard purchase price.

The news of Activision not planning to monetize the features players currently get for free along with the news of the Online Universe seems to imply that Activision is looking to monetize that aspect of the game.  What those features are exactly remains a mystery, however. Perhaps it is something like the Halo Waypoint or even something larger like Steam. Maybe it gives players access to maps and other DLC along with advanced stat tracking or other perks if they pay a regular fee.

With E3 quickly approaching, more and more Call of Duty news will be coming soon and Activision did promise more in the coming weeks. Call of Duty has been part of some pretty major E3 presentations in years past and it seems like another one could be in store for this year’s big show.

What is your take on this news? Do you believe Activision when they said that they are not looking to monetize the features gamers currently get for free in Call of Duty games? What do you think the Online Universe will be? If there is a fee associated with the Online Universe what features would it need to provide for you to consider paying the fee? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.