Don't Be Shocked: New 'Call Of Duty' Game Coming In 2012

New Call of Duty Coming In 2012

Twenty four hours. That's how long after Modern Warfare 3's release it took for Activision to announce a new Call of Duty game. The news comes straight from Bobby Kotick's mouth in a press release from Activision. The announcement hardly comes as a surprise though, considering how big a cash cow the Call of Duty games have become. The only question at this point is, "what could it be?"

Sledgehammer Games previously announced that the Call of Duty Action/Adventure game they were working on was cancelled so they could help Infinity Ward with development of Modern Warfare 3. To our knowledge, whatever Raven Software's next game is has yet to be announced, and with their experience in the FPS genre, they could be lending a helping hand in development -- or working on their own game. Though sadly if this is the case, it just means we won't see a spiritual successor to Singularity.

Looking at the past -- and the most obvious of  probabilities -- it's highly likely that this next game will be from Treyarch. In the past, the company has stated that Black Ops 2 isn't out of the question, but rumors have also pointed to the next Call of Duty being called Iron Wolf. While job postings for the next game have cropped up at Treyarch, at this point all we know is that game will have the words "Call of Duty" in its title, and may or may not feature guns of some sort.

The words, straight from the man himself, Activision CEO Bobby Kotick:

"As we focus on 2012, we have a strong product pipeline which features a minimum of two highly-anticipated new titles from Blizzard Entertainment, including Diablo III, and a new Call of Duty game from Activision Publishing"

Many will say that at this point Activision is just milking the franchise, but considering all the past Call of Duty games have actually been well made, there isn't really an issue with yearly releases. Yes, Modern Warfare 2 did have balancing issues, but most of these seem to be rectified in Infinity Ward's latest, as you can see in our Modern Warfare 3 review.

It's also important to point out that Uncharted 2: Among Theives, arguably the best game of this generation, only took 18 months to develop. That's roughly the same amount of time as a Call of Duty game, now that Infinity Ward and Treyarch alternate each year.

Let's hear it: what do you think the next Call of Duty will be?


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Source: Gamezone

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