There’s nothing like turning on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare for a little multiplayer with buddies for the night: the camaraderie, the sniper watching your back as charges are placed, and the probe droid scouring the desert. Wait… one of those doesn’t fit, or do they? After working tirelessly for a staggering two years, the mod community – helmed by the people at – have released the Star Wars-themed Galactic Warfare Call of Duty mod.

The “Galatic Warfare” mod — which is entirely non-profit and solely for the community — comes complete with seven beautifully reconstructed maps from the Star Wars universe: “Mos Eisley,” “Bespin,” “Bestine,” “Not A Cave,” “Jundland,” “Jundland Dusk” as well as the new “Anchorhead.” Not only that, but the mod team also thought it would be good to include new kill streaks as well, throwing in Tie-Fighters and Y-Wings into the mix, giving you that authentic Lucas feel.

Players will be set as a trooper of the Imperial Forces or as a soldier from the Rebel Alliance, and will get a chance to see some of the rather impressive weapon designs the team has put up in the last two years, ranging from blasters to bowcasters. Take a look at the trailer below to see what’s included:


The mod itself is something akin to sadly dead Star Wars Galaxies MMO, only without all of the background hacking and the dreadful music videos attached. The mod also has a vague Shadows of the Empire look, bringing back nostalgic memories of the Nintendo 64 and what it could mean to be a Jedi while shooting down whomever stepped in front of you.

What would be interesting however is to see this mod actually catch the interest of LucasArts and some of the FPS developers, and actually have these masked technophiles work on something like the next Star Wars Battlefront 3. With rumors still circulating of a ‘high quality’ title on the rise, this could be the Force Push in the right direction.

If you want to head to the galaxy ‘far, far away’ players can head to the link below and download till the midi-chlorians are content, as it’s available now for the PC.

Source: ModDB

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