With Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered allegedly leaked, one editor thinks ahead to how Activision would go about implementing multiplayer into the game for a new audience.

I have nothing but fond memories of playing Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, and the same is sure to be said for a good deal of people that played the game upon its release back in 2007. The introductory adventure of “Soap” McTavish and Captain Price still stands as one of the best campaigns that the franchise has ever seen, and a return to form on that front is something many fans have wanted from the franchise for years now. While Activision is still busy sorting out its next core iteration of the series (allegedly titled Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare), a recent retail posting seems to have all but officially confirmed that the original Modern Warfare will be receiving a remaster.

There’s no question that some additional shine would help breath new life into the action-packed portions of the game’s campaign. Then the thought hit me: how would multiplayer function within this title? Truthfully, it would be foolish to cut one of the best aspects of Modern Warfare, and it would result in sheer outrage amongst a community that primarily purchases Call of Duty games for their online multiplayer components. Activision knows this, which is why it wouldn’t half-bake a remaster of one of its most beloved iterations in its biggest franchise.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is Getting Remastered - Call of Duty 4 ghillie suit

My concern instead stems from how Activision plans on handling the multiplayer component of the revamped title on newer consoles. As anyone that has popped in on the original game lately can attest, the gameplay has evolved substantially within the CoD franchise in the years proceedings MW‘s release, and many longtime fans would have to readjust to the older style of play. Even then, would the Infinity Ward-developed classic be released warts and all, or would advancements be made to modernize it outside of some basic polish?

Many are sure to be wondering if such a game would feature additions such as character customization, point streaks, etc., and that’s certainly something that could happen. If Activision really wants to evolve the multiplayer qualities of Modern Warfare, it could do so handily. But the thing that makes this argument seem bunk is that fact that a brand new Call of Duty appears to be shipping alongside, or around the same time, as this re-release.

Now, if Activision was to modernize the multiplayer, it would be cannibalizing its own market for the newest iteration of the franchise, the aforementioned Call of Duty: Infinite War. This is exactly why it wouldn’t do such a thing, because it just doesn’t make sense to. Instead, this remaster could act as a reprieve of sorts from the over-complicated installments that have burned myself (and many others) out in recent years. Standing on its own two familiar and high-definition legs is exactly what it needs to do in order to appease fans – and there’s little doubt in my mind that the publisher will enforce just such a stance.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remaster Nuke

Can we just take a moment to imagine how good MW‘s iconic nuke scene would look if it were remastered?

Meanwhile, those that feel as if a high-def port isn’t needed, it’s important to note that it has been almost ten years since the game arrived on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. Comparatively, the same or even less time has elapsed for other high profile remasters (such as Gears of War: Ultimate Edition), and revisiting the Call of Duty game that turned the series into the juggernaut it is today is sure to be a worthwhile endeavor for fans that have fallen out of touch with the IP. Whether or not this reported game would be a pre-order exclusive, a physical release, or a digital-only launch, however, remains to be seen.

If leaked images are the real McCoy and Modern Warfare is indeed on its way to current-gen platforms, then Activision needs to give gamers exactly that. This isn’t a reboot, it’s a remaster, and fans need to keep that in mind if and when the title is officially unveiled. Following in the footsteps of past collections that perfectly recreate the feel of the original games, while adding some much-appreciated visuals, is just the shot in the arm that Call of Duty needs. Having said that, the fact that over 150,000 gamers signed a petition for Modern Warfare 2 to get a remake doesn’t hurt the idea of revisiting some of the older, more successful entries in the franchise.

It’s still unknown if players will actually get to jump into Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare on their current-gen system of choice, but it wouldn’t hurt for any K/D diehards to dust off their older platforms and get reacquainted with the game’s intricacies in the meantime.