Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Dev Says November Overhaul Update Rumor Was Fake

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With Call of Duty: Modern Warfare being in the place it’s currently in, mired by at least a few controversies, many frustrated fans were hopeful when word came that a “big overhaul” would come to Modern Warfare in November and hopefully fix up at least some of the growing issues they have with the game. And though the game did receive a few updates last month, none were as big as fans were led to believe, and now Infinity Ward has opened up on why.

As many can figure out for themselves at this point, it turns out the rumor of the big November overhaul, despite coming from reputable COD leaker TheGamingRevolution, was fake. This was doubly confirmed by Infinity Ward co-design director of multiplayer Joe Cecot. In responding to a fan on Twitter who was upset over the lack of a major update last month, he briefly clarified the situation, explaining that TheGamingRevolution’s original report was nothing more than “a fake statement to get attention.”

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From the sound of it, it’s likely that a massive overhaul was never in the cards, as Cecot explained that Infinity Ward is regularly tweaking Call of Duty: Modern Warfare instead of saving the updates and fixes for larger and more-spaced out patches. “We are constantly updating the game at least once a week,” he wrote, “sometimes twice.”

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That may be a comfort for some fans, knowing the studio is keeping an eye on the game so frequently, but many will probably take issue with how issues continue to plague it despite Infinity Ward’s constant updates. Modern Warfare has had its fair share of problems from the day it launched, including noisy footsteps, incredibly bugged and unbalanced weapons, skill-based matchmaking, and a spawn system that finds increasingly ridiculous ways to kill players, to name a few highlights.

While this hasn’t stopped Modern Warfare from being well-received critically and selling well, it has cast a fair amount of negativity over the game and most discussion about it. Adding to the frustration for players is what many perceive to be Infinity Ward’s silence over Modern Warfare’s issues, especially when its constant updates either completely ignore their chief concerns or occasionally cause more problems than they fix.

It’s still early days for Call of Duty’s latest entry, though, so hopefully the studio will be able to establish a better dialogue with the community before they start moving on to other games. That will really go to keep them invested in Modern Warfare’s post-launch seasons of free content, the first of which, as Cecot reminded everyone, begins tomorrow, December 3.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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