Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - How to Get the We Own the Night Trophy

call of duty modern warfare we own the night

Despite the lukewarm reception surrounding Infinity Ward’s latest contribution to the hugely successful franchise, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare offers an FPS gaming experience that both newcomers and veterans can appreciate and there are plenty of trophies they can decorate their shelves with. While the most satisfying trophy to earn in Modern Warfare is arguably the “Got Something On Your Face” achievement, players who want to be recognized as a master of stealth will try their hand at collecting the “We Own the Night” trophy.

Collecting the Modern Warfare trophy is a relatively simple task. Having said that, this guide covers exactly what the achievement is and how, with the help of some straightforward stealth tips, players can have an easier time getting it.

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Going Dark

The first step to getting the trophy is reaching the thirteenth Modern Warefare campaign mission called Going Dark. Put simply, there are hostages being kept in three areas: A Church, Clocktower and Pool. The player needs to dispatch with the guards patrolling those areas and interrogate the hostages, and if they manage to take down all the enemies without reinforcements being called, they will earn the “We Own the Night” achievement.

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Basic Tips

Before players do anything, they should brush up on how to perform finishing move in Modern Warfare. Once they’ve done that, there are a handful of setting changes that will make things run a bit smoother. Firstly, players should make sure subtitles are on. This is a good visual indication that will allow players to better gauge the distance between them and any patrols wandering nearby. Additionally, increasing the volume will make pinpointing the origin of these subtitled conversations or sound effects much easier.

Also, because the achievement only requires dispatching with all of the enemies, it is highly recommended that players refrain from interrogating the hostages in these three locations until after they have earned the trophy. Otherwise, players will have a considerably larger number of enemies standing between them and the achievement in Modern Warfare, a game that has had a mixed reception.

So long as players exercise patience and steer clear of any enemy flashlights, they should have no problem owning the night. That being said, the achievement can be earned on any difficulty, so if players are having trouble on Normal, or just want to conquer the task as quickly as possible, then they can always lower the difficulty to Recruit.

Once players have become recognized as silent, but deadly masters, they might want to mix things up and go with something a little bit louder, like the Nuke in Modern Warfare's multiplayer mode.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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