Call Of Duty Modern Warfare: 5 Best & 5 Worst Guns, Ranked

Modern Warfare 2019 Alex and Farah

Infinity Ward's 2019 contribution to the storied Call of Duty franchise, Modern Warfare, comes packed in with an impressive arsenal. Among the array of weaponry is something for every type of player, whether it be a sniper, a rusher, or a more medium-ranged specialist.

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Not all guns are created equally, however, and even weapons of the same class feel entirely different. The following list will detail the five best and worst guns for our particular tastes. A lot of this is subjective, so no one should take it personally if their personal favorite isn't included or is grouped in with the less favorable armaments.

10 Best: Ax-50

Modern Warfare ax-50 sniper rifle

With Snipers, people want something that'll put an enemy down in one shot. The HDR does the job, but the AX-50 has the edge for its increased mobility. Granted, one shouldn't have to move in a jiffy if the bullet hits, but it is good to have the option when the need arises. More so than in prior titles, sniping, in general, is a more viable playstyle. A good vantage point in Ground War can really rack up the kills, but in Search and Destroy and Cyber Attack it makes for an excellent strategy to have a scope over a defense point.

9 Worst: Model 680

Modern Warfare Model 680

This starter shotgun is far from terrible, but better options open up almost immediately. Stronger guns exist for close range kills, and semi-automatic options are more ideal for mid-range fights. While it is a satisfactory option at the start, one will leave it at the wayside once the 725 is unlocked. Even so, getting a kill with this bad boy feels more thrilling now more than ever with this new entry's heavily improved animation.

8 Best: 725

725 modern warfare

For people who like to get in close and personal, nothing works better than the 725. With the right attachments, one can become especially mobile with lightning-fast aiming speed. At close range, it is a one-hit kill, and at a medium distance the second slug should do the trick.

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If one is uncomfortable with such a short-ranged gun, one could always equip the Overkill perk, which allows for a second primary weapon in place of a sidearm. This way, one will have all their bases covered.

7 Worst: Oden

Oden modern warfare

Oden is picked up early in the campaign, and it makes sense why it is one of the first guns one comes across besides the default loadout. Its firing rate isn't up to snuff, but it is also not accurate enough for a marksman. In single-player it is inconsequential, but in multiplayer any flaw is the difference between continued victory or perpetual defeat.

6 Best: M4A1

Modern Warfare 2019 M4AI

The M4A1 is one of the first weapons players get in the multiplayer mode, but many will stick with it through level fifty-five. It works in every situation, with a firing rate good enough to blast someone to pieces up close and enough range to put up a fight at a distance. It says a lot about the balancing and fairness of the loadouts when one of the first weapons is adequate against things people get near the end of the progression.

5 Worst: Dragunov

Modern warfare killcam dragunov

The Dragunov is the closest sniper rifles get to a more mobile, medium-range class, but there is a marksman class of rifle for those who want to get deeper in the middle of the action while still retaining accuracy. This popular rifle usually takes two hits to take down an opponent with full health, which most will recognize as one bullet too many. With two other sniper rifles that can take down foes with one shot, little need exists for a rifle like the Dragunov.

4 Best: DP-12 Incendiary

Modern warfare 2019 boss fight juggernaut

This one is only available in the last single-player mission, and for good reason. The shotgun fires incendiary rounds, making for a nice visual spectacle upon each kill. With the new engine, everything looks eons ahead of the last entry, but the fire effects are especially impressive.

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Players only get one of these, and it comes in at just the right time, since shortly after acquiring it a juggernaut shows up to rain on the protagonists' party. It's a tough bout, especially on the higher difficulties, but the shotgun will certainly help matters. This fight takes place in a closed spaced, so dodging the boss's minigun fire is a particularly challenging feat.

3 Worst: .357 Magnum

.357 magnum modern warfare

This gun definitely packs a punch, but pistols have always been unreliable in the franchise. At best, they are reserved for the final shot when one is already in a battle and there is no time to reload. Some can hold their own with just a sidearm, and that's truly commendable, but the average player is better off with a faster pistol. Like in real life, big handguns are designed to make one feel cool and strong rather than for their usefulness in a real firefight.

2 Best: Hadir's Sniper Rifle

Highway of death sniping segment hadir's sniper rifle

"Highway of Death" introduces one of the best weapons and coolest gameplay mechanics. With Hadir's Sniper Rifle, players must shoot at targets from extreme distances. They are so far, one has to take into account wind and drop distance. Taking a shot and watching as the bullets curve towards their target never gets old. Additionally, the bullet tears them to pieces. Far away it is brutal enough, put up close it becomes one of the most violent things in the game, and that's really saying something. Hadir's place in the plot is complicated, but his rifle is pure sniping goodness.

1 Worst: AK-47

Modern Warfare AK-47

Mikhail Kalashnikov, the inventor of the AK-47, greatly regretted his creation for how widely it proliferated throughout the world. Maybe he could take solace in the fact that hitting anything more than once with it in Modern Warfare is a tough effort. Probably not, but the fact stands; the recoil will have one shooting the sky within a few seconds of pulling the trigger. Mouse and keyboard users may have an easier time controlling it, but those using a controller are better off sticking with the M4AI.

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