Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare: The 10 Biggest Fixes The Game Needs

call of duty modern warfare review

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is great, but it is far from perfect. Thankfully, gamers live in an age where developers can continue improving their release after the public gets their hands on it, and Infinity Ward has already shown dedication to remedying the issues plaguing their otherwise fantastic contribution to the stellar franchise. The following list will detail ten fixes and improvements the game needs.

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Some of these are for specific consoles, and a couple are fundamental changes to the game play. A select few aren't bugs or issues, but instead features they either promised post-launch or things other entries had which would benefit the new release. Perhaps some of these have been remedied by the time of reading. In a perfect world, all of these will be fixed as soon as possible.

10 PC Multiplayer Issues

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's Trial Mode Removed Just Hours After Being Added

It seems like multi-platform games always face the biggest problem on PC. For extreme examples of this, just look at Batman: Arkham Knight's legendarily infamous launch of the malleable.

Fortunately, Modern Warfare doesn't come anywhere near that, but it still has some issues making it the less than ideal choice for fans at launch. Those primarily focused on the online options will be disappointed to hear of the game's issues while connected to the internet. Players have reported a disproportionate amount of lag and disconnects far and above any tolerable level.

9 Arcade Mode

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As stellar as the single-player campaign is, it lasts about five hours. Afterwards, there is little incentive to return. The only reason one would replay levels is for the trophies or achievements. The original Modern Warfare featured an Arcade Mode, which gave players points in the levels based on their performance.

Putting something similar into the new title would go along way towards adding replay value for the lone wolves. Max Payne 3 also had a time attack and score attack mode, which increased replayability tenfold.

8 Ground War Glitch In Karst River Quarry

Karst River Quarry Modern Warfare

Ground War is the biggest multiplayer mode. In these thirty-two on thirty-two battles, teams fight for control points in massive maps. The battles get so hectic, some may not notice people glitching through the rocks in the mountains on the Karst River Quarry.

This is a particularly favorite maneuver for snipers, as their long distance makes them hard enough to notice in the first place. This severely effects the match and borders on cheating, so this should be a top priority for the developers.

7 PC Crashing Issues

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Two errors in particular pop up for the PC players. The first is "Dev Error 6065," and the second is "Dev Error 6165." Infinity Ward has already acknowledged this and is working to remedy it, but one can do something themselves in the mean time.

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For the first one, turning down the graphics seems to help. For the latter, re-installing may do the trick. We would joke about the PC not being such a master race anymore, but we sympathize too closely with not being able to play our favorite game in an ideal fashion to make light of the situation.

6 Gun Fight OSP

Gun Fight is one of the highlights of the game's multiplayer suite. The short rounds, minuscule maps, and two-player teams goes against everything modern shooters strive for, but the move pays off in spades. The Alpha featured a variant on the mode called OSP, or on site procurement.

Instead of predesignated loadouts, players have to find the weapons on the field. Unfortunately, this has yet to be added to the final release. Hopefully it wasn't just a kooky experiment for the Alpha.

5 Footsteps

One common complaint is that the footsteps are actually too loud. Some players can hear their teammates running around and cannot focus on keeping their ears peeled for the enemy. Adversely, they find sneaking up on opponents nearly impossible. Audio design and listening for approaching soldiers is something one has to take into account when infiltrating the enemy.

However, most agree they are noisy this time around. They can be made less overbearing while still keeping their function in multiplayer. The amazing audio design factors into strategies and game play, making Modern Warfare unique from its competitors, and it shouldn't lose this when they do change footsteps.

4 XBOX One X Crashing Issues

Modern Warfare Urzikstan

The XBOX One X isn't spared from its own issues. Players have reported numerous crashes while shooting their way through the new title. Sometimes it is freezing, while other times it shuts the whole console down. The latter is always especially worrying, since the owner fears the game may have destroyed the entire Xbox.

Oddly enough, some say installing the game onto an external hard drive helps with the issue. Ultimately, it is up to Infinity Ward to tackle this and make sure it stops happening.

3 PC Cutscenes

Modern Warfare Nikolai

The campaign is a fantastic romp and worth playing for even casual FPS fans. Unfortunately, stuttering cutscenes hinder the experience for PC users.

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It's especially disconcerting because the first experience with a campaign should always be perfect and without distraction. The developer is working on a fix, but as of now there is no way to skirt the problem. It's sad to see graphical issues effecting cutscenes, considering the incredibly gorgeous the visuals.

2 Spawning

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Some long time fans have criticized the map design, but that's all subjective. What is less a matter of opinion, though, is the spawning, which many have reported to be broken. In modes like Team Deathmatch, spawning locations are supposed to change to prevent camping or planting mines on spawns.

However, some say they often appear next to enemies, getting no chance to breathe before dying again. Until this is fixed, it is a safer bet to stick with modes like Search and Destroy, Gunfight, and Cyber Attack.

1 Night Mode

cod modern warfare night vision goggles (1)

This is another mode players got a taste for in the pre-release tests. Night Mode puts the maps into darkness, forcing players to rely on night vision goggles and light sources scattered around the levels. One can also turn on and off the lights in a room strategically.

Unfortunately, this unique mode has yet to make its way to the full game. Here's hoping Infinity Ward gets on it sooner rather than later. Like Gunfight, it has the potential to attract an audience who normally wouldn't play the modes typical to Call of Duty, but the longer they wait, the less likely those people are to stick around.

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