Fact: there will be a new Call of Duty this year. Activision has made it a mission to release an annual version of Call of Duty since Modern Warfare, so much so that they have brought on multiple development teams (among them Treyarch, Sledgehammer Games, and Raven Software) to get the job done.

This year, however, is a bit of a wildcard. While we know this is the year of Infinity Ward‘s game — based on the rotation between them and Treyarch — we don’t have much to go one regarding the game. That’s not for a lack of rumors, however, as many sources are claim to have inside information about the Call of Duty franchise’s latest iteration.

Since there have been several prominent rumors appearing lately, we thought it best to take a good look at them, and ultimately prove why they, for the most part, can’t possibly be true. While we are totally prepared to eat crow, as a longstanding fan of the franchise, many elements of each rumor don’t make sense.

For example, the most recent rumor regarding Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty claims that the title will be called Call of Duty: Ghosts. Now while this does coincide with rumors that fan-favorite character Ghost would be making an appearance in a future game, that ship appears to have sailed. Rumors regarding Ghost’s resurrection were prior to the reveal of Modern Warfare 3, and by now those types of talks have died down.

Call of Duty 2013 Modern Warfare 4

Additionally, the same source for the Ghosts rumor, suggests this new game will launch only on the PC and next-generation consoles. It’s this detail that invalidates the rumor altogether.

While Activision is likely planning to release the next Call of Duty on Sony and Microsoft‘s next-gen platforms — the PS4 and the yet-to-be-named next iteration of the Xbox — there is no way they will alienate their loyal PS3 and Xbox 360 fan base. Moreover, there’s no telling how well the next-gen consoles will sell at launch, and there is no information that says the consoles will be available prior to the launch of this Call of Duty.

Even if the rumor isn’t true, some interesting concepts are discussed, many of which would be nice introductions to the Call of Duty franchise. Some of the additional details include

  • Multiplayer loading screens that function as mini-games, with the player entering the map via a repelling or breach sequence.
  • Enhanced player movement including diving, sliding while shooting, peaking around corners, and rolling while prone.
  • Spec-Ops will be replaced by a new cooperative option.
  • Destructive environments.

Yes, the unnamed source is touted as “legitimate,” but the details just don’t add up in the context of what we know about the Call of Duty franchise, and the publisher who puts the game out.

Call of Duty - Captain Price

That being said, we’re still not adverse to a new Call of Duty game starring Ghost — maybe titled Modern Warfare 4. In fact, Captain Price voice actor Bill Murray seemingly confirmed the game was Modern Warfare 4 not too long ago. But don’t expect this to be the next-gen Call of Duty we’ve been waiting for, that game will probably be next year.

Also, just in case any fans were wondering, that Modern Warfare 4 video and poster that are circulating are for a fan film. No connection to an actual Modern Warfare 4 game whatsoever.

What would you like to see from this year’s Call of Duty? Would you like to see any of the rumored elements come true?

Source: Drift0r (via VG 24/7)