While Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, this year’s installment in the extremely popular franchise, generally sells the most copies on consoles, the series typically provides a little extra PC goodies that only could be possible on said platform. To help make picking up your PC copy of Modern Warfare 3 quick and painless, Activision has just announced they will be supporting Steam and Steamworks when the game releases in early November.

Obviously if you want to get the first-come first-serve experience of Call of Duty, the PC version shouldn’t be your first choice, as the Xbox 360 always gets DLC before any other platform, but for achievements, auto-updates, and support for dedicated servers on launch, Steam is the way to go.

Now this wouldn’t necessarily be big news — a popular video game supporting Steam — but because Modern Warfare 3’s biggest competition, Battlefield 3, doesn’t, this might be interesting to see play out. Activision has sworn off the mud-slinging that has been taking place between the two franchises over the past months, but this announcement is well-timed and certainly speaks for itself.

While Battlefield 3 will be available on other digital platforms, including Electronic Arts’ new Origin service, Steam is currently king, and missing out on this boat could push Modern Warfare 3 to a higher margin of success. If you want either game it shouldn’t matter where you pick it up, but when it comes to most gamers’ favorite choice, it’s typically Steam.

There’s no doubt that Modern Warfare 3 will beat out Battlefield 3 when strictly talking retail sales, but if, after the dust has settled, Modern Warfare 3 has an overwhelming lead in the digital distribution market that could say something about how important featuring your game on Steam is. Modern Warfare 3 can be pre-ordered now from Steam.

Do you think that Modern Warfare 3 supported Steam and Battlefield 3 not will drastically impact digital sales? Is Steam still the definitive digital distribution service for PC games?

Modern Warfare 3 releases November 8, 2011 on the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

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