Former Call of Duty Dev Teases Modern Warfare for 2019


While the video game publisher Activision has yet to officially declare what Call of Duty title would be making its way into the marketplace for 2019, rumors have been swirling for quite a while that Modern Warfare 4 could be in the cards. Now, it looks as if more fuel is being added to the speculative fires, as the former Creative Strategist for Infinity Ward, Robert Bowling, has teased that a Modern Warfare entry is coming in 2019.

According to an exchange between Bowling and a video game fan on Twitter, the former Infinity Ward employee and current Creative Consultant for Electronic Arts stated that fans shouldn't worry about being subjected to another futuristic first-person shooter, as they would be "getting a Modern shooter this year". It's worth noting, though, that while he didn't explicitly state a new Modern Warfare is in the works, Bowling did imply as much by capitalizing the "M" in the word "Modern".

As previously mentioned, Bowling likely isn't far off the mark with his assertion, as there have been innumerable bits of hearsay involving Call of Duty's 2019 release being the fourth installment in the Modern Warfare series. As it so happens, a Senior Communications Manager for Infinity Ward even recently teased that an announcement is imminent regarding Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 coming for current generation platforms. Compound this with the fact that the site Gaming INTEL purportedly received information from anonymous sources confirming as much, and it looks like MW4 is on the way.

Of course, it must be mentioned that there's no real way to know for sure if a new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is indeed happening this year until Activision and Infinity Ward publicly proclaim that to be the case. Until then, we will simply have to wait and see when the publisher and developer decide to pull back the curtain on what it plans on putting out as its annual project for the long-running first-person shooter franchise in 2019.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 has yet to be officially announced.

Source: Robert Bowling – Twitter (via DualShockers)

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