Call of Duty Mobile: How to Level Up Fast

call of duty mobile level up fast

After players have figured out some of the basics in Call of Duty Mobile, like learning how to change their CoD Mobile profile picture, they may set their sights on some loftier goals. For example, many fans will wish to hit high ranks in Call of Duty Mobile, and some will want to do that as quickly as possible. For players that are curious about how to level up fast in Call of Duty Mobile, this guide looks to offer tips to assist with exactly that.

To note, this Call of Duty Mobile fast leveling guide will cover three aspects of expediting the process of earning XP: loadouts, game modes, and in-game play. The goal is to offer recommendations that will speed up the rate at which fans rank up as they maneuver through CoD Mobile's map, but players should certainly feel free to make adjustments based on what is working well for them.

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How to Level Up Fast in Call of Duty Mobile


Before joining a match, players that want to rank up fast in Call of Duty Mobile should spend some time thinking about their loadouts. Here are CoD Mobile loadout recommendations that may assist players that are looking to level up fast.

Primary Weapon:

  • M4 (Unlocks at Level 1)
  • RPD (Unlocks at Level 19)
  • MSMC (Unlocks at Level 33)
  • AK117 (Unlocks at Level 60)


  • Quickdraw
  • Foregrip
  • Extended Mag

Secondary Weapon:

  • SMRS (Unlocks at Level 13)
  • FHJ-18 (Unlocks at Level 34)


  • Fast Recover
  • Vulture
  • Hardline

Operator Skill:

  • Scythe


  • UAV
  • Hunter Killer Drone
  • Predator Missile

Game Mode

To level up fast, it is important to select the CoD Mobile game mode that yields the highest XP per minute. For players that are not exceptional at the game, Team Deathmatch appears to grant the fastest XP in Call of Duty Mobile. That said, players that are able to consistently reach higher-end streaks may find that they are getting slightly faster XP from CoD Mobile's Domination game mode.

In-Game Play

With a loadout and game mode selected, there are some things that players should focus on in a match if they want to rank up fast in this mobile entry in the Call of Duty franchise. To begin, shooting down an enemy aircraft grants additional XP, and fans should attempt to do this when possible. Notably, a focus on destroying aircrafts is why the SMRS and FHJ-18 are recommended as Secondary Weapons in the preceding loadout section.

Additionally, winning matches in Call of Duty Mobile grants additional XP, but players do not want to guarantee wins at the expense of losing too many kills. More specifically, it can be beneficial for players to get a few consistently good players on their squad, to make it more likely that they win, but too many good players on a team may mean that an individual player's total kills go down dramatically.

Finally, joining a clan is a good way to help players level up fast now that the CoD Mobile release date has arrived, as there is an XP sharing system in place. As such, it is recommended that players looking to rank up fast join an active Call of Duty Mobile clan.

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It is now known that Call of Duty Mobile controller support has been deactivated, which means that players that wish to level up fast will need to learn to play well with touchscreen controls. Hopefully the tips offered in this guide will make this learning process even easier.

Call of Duty Mobile is available now for iOS and Android.

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